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Pius Heinz - the winner of world poker tournament!

Pius Heinz - the winner of world poker tournament! Share

On November, 9 MastaP89 posted a Tweet: "I hearby proudly announce that I am the 2011 World Champion of Poker!! I did it for Germany."

The author of this message is 22-years old German student Pius Heinz, the owner of diamond encrusted gold bracelet– the trophy of the most prestigious poker tournament WSOP 2011. Within one night Pius became a millionaire: as a winner he gets $8 798 924. To become a winner Pius walked long and thorny path.

6 865 participants were registered at the beginning of WSOP 2011 tournament. In July only 22 of them took part in Main Event tournament where Final Nine of has been determined. Future honor of Germany was ranked seventh in chips. Then there was a three month period of waiting. Finalists could analyze the strategies of their opponents and work out their own ones. Eight of nine finalists are professional poker players with many victories behind them.

Ben Lamb has the WSOP "Best player of the year" title. Final Table tournaments began on November, 6. After eight hours of thrilling game there left only three players in the quest for world championship. The final table session began on November, 9. The first to leave the table was top player and potential winner Ben Lamb. American got $4,021,138 for the third place. Two Europeans continued the game in heads-up (the poker game with only two players). Spectators of WSOP 2011 final Table were observing the constant change in chipleader positions. Heinz bested Staszko's Ten-Seven with His Ace –King. Czech poker player has won pretty big satisfying consolation prize of $5 433 086. Pius says that this night is the night his dreams came true.

Some facts about the champion. Pius is a professional poker player for 4 years. He is more popular with his online game. Heinz is the first champion of the World Series of Poker from Germany. Heinz has also got in our Top 5 of Poker World Bachelors. We hope that this soaring success won't influence the game of young champion and we'll see him in winners list of many tournaments.