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Arcade games of the Playtech company

Arcade games of the Playtech company Share

The greatest company, developer of soft ware for hazard games Playtech that can boast its great collection of arcade games has added to its assortment two more arcade games – Medusa Gorgon and Wheel of Light.

According to the mythology of ancient Greece Medusa Gorgon was able to turn human into the stone with only one her glance. In new arcade game Gorgon is in the middle of the circle around which the circle with sectors moves, each sector contains symbols of certain colour. The aim of the game is to collect from 3 to 8 symbols of the same colour in one line.

The bet on the line starts with 0.20 units. The maximal possible bet is equal to 500 units. If you get winning combination the symbols that give you the winning turn into the stones. The rest symbols in sectors move closer to the center. Each colour of symbols plays its certain role in the game and has its value. Thus white symbols are wild while orange – the most expensive.

The second arcade game developed by Playtech became the game Wheel of Light. This game recalls roulette in some moments – here you will see the wheel with numbers from 0 up to 30, on which you may make the bet. Player may bet on certain number, the group of numbers, on colour, sector and odd or even numbers.

Сompany Playtech invites all players to appreciate new games!