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Belarussian people wish to win apartment

Belarussian people wish to win apartment Share

The lottery principle is unpredictability! It is impossible estimate anything. Millions of people with enviable regularity buy lottery tickets, waiting the miracle. But what winning people wish to get, buying the tickets?

According the data of sociological studies the half of Belarus residents, that participates in lottery drawing, hopes to win an apartment.

Under the statistics Byelorussian people buy about 26 millions lottery tickets “Superloto” annually, each ticket costs 4 000 RUR. Usually about 4 millions of people participate in lottery drawing. Thus making simple calculating we can make the conclusion that residents of Belarus spend about 104 billions RUR on lottery tickets.

On such sum you may purchase about 500 one-room apartment according average Belarusian prices. For justice’ sake we should admit that during the lottery existence there were drawn only 200 apartments.