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Teenagers vs. casino online

Teenagers vs. casino online Share

The influence process of Internet casino on people is constantly under research. However the most unrest arouses with increasing visitors number among the youth. Most American teenagers waste a great amount of their free time playing online games.

The more and more American teenagers take a great interest in online games of chance, regardless of partial Internet gambling prohibition in the USA.

National Youth Committee has made the conclusion that during last two years number of young people who are interested in gambling online increased on 12 %. The tendency of players’ growth is tracked also among the schoolchildren. The number of senior high school students increased on 4%. But it is necessary to admit that senior high school students play not as frequently as once a month unlike students.

Teenagers are attracted not only by traditional casino games like roulette online, poker, slots or blackjack, but also totalizator. According the statistic data every 4th American teenager makes bet on sport tournaments at least once a month.

However in spite all these data statistics predicate that the per cent of ludomania among the teenagers has decreased approximately on 10% for the period from 2008 till 2010.