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Casinos of Singapore surpass Las-Vegas

Casinos of Singapore surpass Las-Vegas Share

According to the last data Singapore has surpassed Las-Vegas in the profit amount gained due to gambling games. Relying on the estimations the recently opened gambling complex has brought about 5.1 millions of dollars for the last year. However, according to the preliminary estimations this year casinos of Singapore are going to gain much more money (about 6.2 billions of dollars).

As it well known the first casino in Singapore was solemnly opened in February 2010. Few months after that, the second casino was opened. After a while the luxurious hotel-casino was opened. Now hotel-casino "Marina Bay Sands" attracts many tourists not only by its magnificent VIP apartments, but also by the fact that the regular guests of the hotel are celebrities. Thus you may meet in "Marina Bay Sands" Katy Parry and Justin Bieber.

But such revenue hasn't turned the head of Singapore govern and executives strive to toughen gambling policy for the residents of Singapore. Assuming the measures of toughening the government enforced a rule – residents of Singapore have to pay about 80 dollars for the casinos' visiting.

Current facts show that the strategy of gambling organization in Singapore is quite good. And Las-Vegas may stand back Singapore in the leading list. However only time may approve or disprove prognosis of experts.

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