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There will be more mentally ill people in the USA

There will be more mentally ill people in the USA Share

Millions of Americans may be considered disabled after the USA government moves gambling addiction to the category of mental diseases.

Gambling addicted people range from 1% to 2% of all the population of the USA. This number is constantly growing with banning of real casinos and developing of online casinos. Excessive gamblers will be in the same list with kleptomaniacs, sadomasochists and pedophiles (!). People with such diagnosis will have to pass serious treatment procedures including taking psychiatric drugs.

Gambling addiction is not the only new mental disease. Extreme shyness, eccentricity, long period of depression after bereavement and internet addiction will get into this list too. The list of new diseases was criticized both by ordinary Americans and psychologists from all over the world. Opponents of mental health innovations are afraid of that the people gambling for fun will be diagnosed with the disorders they don't have. Wrong diagnosis for people may result in wrong and unnecessary treatment and the label of mentally ill people for life.