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Keno Vegas in Russian Casino

Keno Vegas in Russian Casino Share

Long time ago game Keno looked like a table that consisted of 120 hieroglyphs and was famous only in China. Everything changed during Golden Rush when Chinese people went to another continent seeking for better life. They brought to the continent game Keno. Since then this entertainment has conquered the world.

Online casino Russian Casino extends game spectrum for its visitors. This time players will be pleasantly surprised with such innovation as Keno Vegas. At first sight this game recalls lotto. But only from the first sight. Keno Vegas unlike lotto gives players opportunity to choose the quantity of numbers on which he/she may make bet.

In Russian Casino online this game includes 80 numbers where each single cell has its own number. Keno Vegas in Russian casino is quite colourful and has usable playing panel. Besides, Keno Vegas presupposes free games that start after player collects five identical symbols.

Visitors also have opportunity to increase their winning in the Double game. Traditionally Russian Casino offers players game for real money (for professional) and in demo mode (for newbie).