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Microgaming doesn't play with US

Microgaming doesn't play with US Share

Microgaming is the famous company-developer of the gambling software has announced that sites that work on their software won't serve clients from the USA anymore.

Such a decision was made as a result of United States Department of Justice recent actions, targeted forbidding of illegal poker sites operation. When the above-mentioned law of forbiddance was signed (in 2006), many casinos operating on the Microgaming platform, continued servicing US-based clients. When the Commonwealth of Kentucky has made an attempt to seize few domain names of casinos working on the base of Microgaming software, a lot of sites just disappeared from the USA market totally.

Few sites that continued dealing with the US customers has stopped their operation on 15th April of this year, when Justice Department and Federal Bureau of Research brought a charge against three main poker sites and seized their domain names with ".com".

Neither Microgaming nor respective casino sites that work on its base have announced their aim to return money to their visitors from the USA. As the federal prosecutors targeted banks and payment systems accounts of poker sites, the future of the players remains unclear. Some sites may use another software while other, less famous, will disappear.