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Casino raffles off money for plastic operations

Casino raffles off money for plastic operations Share

All of us have often heard about unusual prizes in casinos, this time casino The Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort in Atlantic City has liberated by the originality.

The administration of the casino has decided to draw among it regular clients $25 000 that winner may use for plastic operations.

Only owners of club card of casino Taj Mahal will take part in this extraordinary tournament will take part card. This action takes place from 2nd till 29th of October. During this period all participants may play both card games and slot machines as well, using their cards and thus become participants of tournament.

After the action ends the winner will get $25 000 on his/her account. This sum may be spent on the complex of plastic operations – botox injections, breast implant, facelift, liposuction, nose form correction, correction of chin and cheeks forms and many other procedures. Of course if the winner is satisfied with his present appearance, he/she may refuse this procedure and take prize in cash.

According to the opinion of the American psychologists, such an action is not really good idea, as it stimulates two addictions at once - game addiction and addiction on appearance. We all know that weakness for the plastic operations is considered as addiction and is quite serious mental insanity.