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Poker record by Randy Lew

Poker record by Randy Lew Share

The record – is not just an opportunity to show the world your unusual abilities, this is a new stage of skills which people actively try to reach perfecting their knacks.

Lately we observed new reports in the world of poker news about the fact that the member of Team PkerStars Randy Lew plans to set the record during the poker game online.

Everything has started when the famous poker player stated about his decision to set the record during the poker game, the issue about the record was opened for discussion and during the certain period of time fans offered their versions as for what unusual record the poker player should set.

Fans offered many interesting variants, among which were such as record period of playing poker while driving exercise bicycle or standing on the head. There also was variant to eat as many sushi as it possible during the game. However Randy preferred to try himself on durability and decided to set the record on the quantity of hands played for certain time period in online poker.

On January, 8, 2012 Randy «Nanonoko» Lew managed to play 23,493 parties during the 8 hours of poker playing, he has played on 40 tables at once. Randy's profit has reached 7 dollars, but the record was set – player has reached maximal hands quantity and his balance was positive.