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New slots in Russian Casino!

New slots in Russian Casino! Share

The quantity of wide slots assortment in Russian Casino is constantly widen by new slots! New collection of slots – Traffic cops and Garage – is the most complete session. You can play not only for real money, but also for interest in free demo version.

Anyone of contemporary residents of a big city cannot imagine his life without automobile. Engine roaring and smell of fresh petrol just filled up, wind whistling in your ears from speed... and Inspector of GAI is on the guard of traffic rules. Garage – is sacred place that we protect, in every possible way, improve and honor, because it is Garage that saves us from troubles with equipment, life and just protects us from life routine.

Russian Casino online has produced new line of slots - Traffic cops and Garage. Each line of new slots includes six different slots related by thematic. It allows to choose slot according your own preferences – according quantity of lines – from 20 u to 40 (Simple and Progressive) - bonus games and bonus arcades.

For example, slots Bonusline includes three bonus games that drop depending on the quantity of Bonus symbols on the active line, and slots Arcade presuppose cascade bonus games, where you can win not only money encouragements, but also free spins and winning’s multiplier.

Slots Unique attract by their equivalent bonus games with the opportunity to win money prizes and free games. Mega slot – is a slot which combines two slots, the second one is without risk of loss. You also can double your winning countless number of times playing the double game that is presented in all types of slots.

New slots of Russian Casino online allow not only enjoy original interior design, but also feel like a keeper of traffic rules.