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Online Blackjack Review

Blackjack online is one of the most popular games in internet casino that has few versions of origin. Many versions agree with the fact that modern version of blackjack game is descendant of French game "21" that appeared at the end of XVII century. European emigrants that came to America at the end of XIX century, has brought blackjack and this game has found its place in Nevada, where gambling games were allowed by law. By 1930 due to the reviews blackjack has became the part of the group of three the most popular gambling and in 1950 took leading position.

With blackjack developing various versions of this game started appear: Six-Deck Blackjack, Single-Deck Blackjack, Double Exposure Blackjack, European Single-Deck Blackjack and Blackjack Switch.

The specially developed strategies and methods that helps player beat casino started appear in blackjack. Blackjack game has not stopped on the leading positions all over the world. With developing of internet and online casinos along with it, blackjack developed either. According the blackjack reviews this game remains the most demanded entertaining in casinos.

Blackjack online in casino has many variants, the difference in rules is practically unnoticeable in game but they influence on the player's chances for winning. Here you may find all necessary materials for studying blackjack variants in different internet casinos and further perfecting of your skills in this exciting game.

Pontoon in online casino Eurogrand

Online casino Eurogrand has a wide range of table games. One of them is a close relative of blackjack, a game named Pontoon.

Pontoon in online casino Eurogrand

Pontoon is played with 8 standard decks. The game resembles blackjack a lot. In Pontoon the player needs to collect a hand that's as close to 21 as possible, but doesn't exceed it. During the game you will be helped by dealer voice messages. By the way, the dealer speaks English. In Menu-Options you can switch off this function. The game interface is made in the casino traditional colors (black and yellow).

Bet limits: from 0,10 to 100.

Although the pontoon rules are much like blackjack ones, there are the game peculiarities you need to know about. In case of the tie the dealer wins. The player can stand only if his hand totals 15 or more. There are two winning combinations in pontoon: pontoon itself (Ace and 10-pointed card) and five cards of any value not exceeding 21. The latter is called Five Card Trick. Pontoon combination beats Five Card Trick. Both hands are paid 2 to 1.

In Pontoon both of the dealer's cards are closed. There is no insurance option for the player. The combination of Ace and 10-pointed card is considered Pontoon even on the split cards. You can double your bet even after cards being split.

Pontoon is one of the gambling games in online casino Eurogrand you can play in demo mode which means you can play Pontoon for free.

Single-deck Blackjack Euro in Russian Casino

Blackjack in Russian Casino is represented with six kinds of this game. Each game is worth to play it. Let's start with European Single-deck Blackjack.

Single deck blackjack Euro in online casino Russian Casino

You can play this game on three boxes simultaneously. After the bets were made the croupier deals two card to each of the player's box and one card to himself. If you get cards of the same value, you can split them into two hands. But splitting has some peculiarities. Firstly, a new bet is to be made at the split hand. It equals the half of the main bet of the box. With split hands you can't surrender, double the bet or split hands again. When splitting Aces you are dealt with only one card more. 21 point sum at the split hand is not considered a blackjack. So you'd better consider all Pros and Cons before splitting your hands.

In Single-deck Blackjack Euro there is also a possibility to insure your bet in case the dealer has blackjack. The Insurance button appears only when the dealer's card is Ace, as this card can value 1 or eleven points depending on other cards of the hand. After analyzing your and dealer's hands you can make one of three decisions.

1. Surrender, if your cards seem to be losing ones. You get the half of your main bet. You can't surrender if the dealer's card is Ace.

2. By pressing Deal button you get one more card. Remember that every card can be excessive and cause Bust (the sum exceeding 21 points).

3. If you think you have enough cards to win you can press Stand button. After this the dealer deals cards to himself, your points are compared and the winner is determined.

Single-deck Blackjack Euro attracts players with its simplicity and plainness. The rules are more than clear, and even a newcomer can get them very quickly. The possibility of splitting hands and insuring bets can compensate "bad" combinations. Single-deck Blackjack Euro is the game that has nothing excessive.

Have a nice game!

Blackjack Variant "Lucky Blackjack" - William Hill

Blackjack Lucky in online casino william Hill

Online casino William Hill offers to the players a Blackjack game - Blackjack Lucky. The visitor does not play against the dealer, the croupier just collects cards till he receives the card combination with the total sum from 17 up to 21. At the same time the blackjack player does not operate with cards at all, he makes the bet only on the deal result. It means that he makes the bet on the expected number of points the dealer will have or on the bust.

The bet field in Lucky Blackjack is divided into seven sectors - seven game results. Such kind of blackjack - is a mixture of classical blackjack and baccarat. Blackjack Lucky is quite simple and exciting. But the advantage of the player in this game is less than in classical blackjack variant. The advantage of casino in Lucky Blackjack is 4% for "Blackjack" bet and up to 15% in the case of "Bust" bet.

Blackjack Bingo – Russian Casino

Skills and experience are holding the high position in playing Blackjack (as well as poker). But taking into the account that the users appreciate exciting casino games, Russian Casino online decided to combine two notions - logical intellection and Fortunes' goodwill - in one game.

Blackjack Bingo in online casino Russian Casino

Russian Casino offers to the players Blackjack Bingo online (Bjingo). This fascinating kind of blackjack combines 2 games: Blackjack, a card game between a player and a dealer in which the player tends to collect the combination of cards that is close or equals 21, and Bingo game, where the player bets in a special bingo table and collects the winning combination accounting number of dealer's points.

In order to start playing blackjack, the online casino guest should make a main bet in one or more boxes. A Bingo bet can be placed before the box round starts and the main bet is placed. Bingo session is over when one of the following Bingo combinations: "Full House", "Jackpot", or "The Dealer Busts" is collected. And when the casino player empties his game spot if he has a winning Bingo combination at the same time, the hand pays according to the game rules.

Blackjack Duel in Casino Tropez

If Pushkin and d'Anthès would clear out their relations playing Blackjack Duel in the comfortable casino nobody would suffer.

The modern online casino Tropez presents one more variant of the tradition blackjack game! Risky and exciting Blackjack Duel is played in the casino with 6 decks. The aim of Duel is the same as in classic blackjack. You should collect the higher total quantity of points than the dealer does, but not more than 21. The nominal of cards is the same as in classic Blackjack: cards from 2 to 10 are equal to their nominal value, and cards with pictures are equal to 10 points. And only Ace may be equal to 1 or to 11 points. Let's speak more about the rules of Blackjack Duel.

The very first distinctive feature of Blackjack Duel is drawing itself. The dealer draws two cards for each player. Croupier's cards are hidden from the player, and the player may see only one of his two cards. You should try to collect the winning combination of two cards, drawn between the casino dealer and the player, which are common cards. Unlike the traditional variant of blackjack in Duel all drawing, which are equal 21 points, are paid as the Blackjack combination, even if this sum of points was formed of three cards.

21 Blackjack Duel in Casino Tropez

Playing Blackjack Duel in the online casino Tropez, visitors (especially beginners) will easily understand all minutest details due to automatic tips and the audio. Also, pressing the "Menu" button you may read the casino rules and change specific settings any time you like.

The online casino Tropez in Blackjack Duel also gives opportunity to play in the multiplayer mode. In this case the player can place his bets on several boxes. With each drawing the bet sum could be absolutely different. In Blackjack Duel cards are dealt one by one from the right side and going clockwise. The dealer gets the last card. After all participants have got their cards, the combinations play one by one starting from the right side.

One more useful function presented by the online casino Tropez is an opportunity to open the history window and trace your recently played bets. This option may be considered as unique, because attending offline casino you are not given such a chance.

If you like blackjack and look for new variants of this extremely popular game you should visit Tropez Casino. It is a great chance to challenge Croupier without any risk to your health!

Blackjack with six decks in online casino Winner

Blackjack continues to occupy the leading positions in all casinos. Like many other games of hazard blackjack has few versions. Online casino Winner presents one of the game variants – Blackjack with six decks.

At first we should mention that playing in the online casino Winner is suitable and interesting for both professionals and newbie players. "For real money" and "For fun" modes respond to the players expectations with various money interest. Having chosen the needed mode you may start playing.

Blackjack with six decks in online casino Winner

You should study the playing panel to be going with. There are tokens, cards and active buttons that perform different functions. Let's know more detailed information about them. In order to choose the certain token you should just press the token image. You may bet it on any combination, you also may bet on from 1 up to 5 combinations. You can manage the playing process with help of the following buttons set: "Delete Bets", "Deal", "Insure", "take", "Pass", "Double", "Split" and "New game". Some of these buttons should be described more closely. Thus the Insurance may be useful if the player wants to avoid the situation, when the dealer gets "blackjack" combination. In order to use "Insure", "Double" or "Split" buttons you should have certain money sum in your account.

Generally it is quite easy to join the game Blackjack owing to sound tips of the dealer. The game menu also will help you to learn all details starting with the sound regulator in "setting" and ending with detailed rules in "Help".

If you have decided to play on few boxes you are allowed to make bets on many hands. And the bet amount cannot be changed in each cards dealing. After the dealer has got the last card each combination plays separately, starting with the last right. In six-deck blackjack the dealer purchases till gets 16 points, and stops on 17 points. The payout for blackjack combination is 3:2, the payout for insurance equals 2:1.

Perfect Blackjack in Tropez Casino

Have you ever played Perfect Blackjack? The Perfect blackjack is to be found in the popular online casino Tropez. Perfect Blackjack gives you an opportunity to play on five boxes in one game session. You can make three bets on each of them: 1 main and 2 Side bets. Side bets are Dealer's Pair and Player's Pair bets. You wager that two first card of yours or dealer will be one of the pairs:

  • Pair of the same suit and color (pair of Club nines)
  • Pair of different suits of the same color (pair of Heart and Diamond Queens)
  • Pair of different suit and color (pair of Spade and Diamond fours).
Perfect blackjack in online casino Tropez

Minimal and Maximum bet sizes are indicated at the top of the screen. If the size of your bet is not enough or it exceeds the maximum bet size, there will be a notice window asking you to change your bets. After the bets are made, press Deal button. The player and the dealer get two cards each, one of dealer's cards is open. If it is Ace, you can buy Insurance. It costs a half of your main bet. If dealer gets blackjack, you loose your main bet, but your insurance is paid 2 to 1. In Perfect Blackjack you can split your cards into two hands, if your cards are of the same value. When you split two Aces, 21 points on one of the split hands is not considered blackjack. After you saw your cards and one of the dealer's cards you can choose one of the options of acting:

  • Stand – you don't get the third card;
  • Hit – you receive the third card. Your points are compared to the points of the dealer.
  • Double. This is a decision for those who are sure that the third card will form the winning sum of points. Your main bet is doubled.

Blackjack Surrender in Europa Casino

We continue to acquaint with such a fascinating game as blackjack. Online casinos offer quite a great quantity of number one game variants among hazard entertainments. This time we call your attention to Blackjack Surrender in Europa Casino.

Traditionally before starting playing you should study this game more closely.

Blackjack Surrender in online casino Europa

In order to choose a token that you would like to bet you should just click on it. The bet increases for the sum of chosen token with each click. You also may reduce the bet by pressing "Shift" and clicking on the token simultaneously.

In order to cancel your bets you should press "Cancel bets" button. Generally it is quite easy to study the game due to the menu located on the playing panel. Such buttons as "Deal", "Pass", "Take" and "Double" speak for themselves. But you should remember that you may use "Insurance", "Double" and "Split" options only after the additional bet.

In online Blackjack Surrender a player gets two cards one by one. The first card is dealt to the last right box. The last card is drawn for the dealer and this card is exposed. If the dealer's exposed card is Ace the online casino offers you to make insurance. Pressing the "Insurance" button you protect yourself from the dealer's blackjack. The insurance is paid 2:1.

After the dealer has opened his cards he may take an additional card according to the game rules. The dealer has to purchase cards up to 16 points and stops at 17. Then traditionally player's and dealer's hands are compared. The blackjack combination is paid 3 to 2. After the winner is determined you may start the new game. You may do this using "New game" or "Re-bet" buttons. Pressing the last button you start your game with the bet which you have made in the previous game.

Blackjack Surrender in Europa Casino has an option to play on few boxes. The bet sum may be different for each box. Cards are dealt as usual one by one.

The online casino Europa offers you to pick the game mode in which you feel comfortable. If you have already played blackjack you may choose the mode for real money. If you are a newbie player and just study Blackjack Surrender you may use the practice mode. The score and voice advices will make your game more comfortable and help you being more confident. You may set sound, brightness and other parameters according to your taste. Besides, if you have got any question concerning the game process you may ask the online support that works round the clock for help.

The safety of your game is also provided. If the game process stops because of net interruption you shouldn't worry. Next time when you launch the game the system automatically moves you to the game that was closed in incorrect way. And your winning remains on your account.

Do not lose your opportunity to spend time playing and improving your game skills. Perform this with Europa Casino, that is not just easy but also pleasant. Let the Fortune smile!

Progressive Blackjack in Casino Tropez

It's possible to break Jackpot playing blackjack!

Progressive blackjack is not only one variant of hazard game, which is popular in many casinos, but one of the most enthralling games. Progressive blackjack presented in Casino Tropez has practically no obvious differences from its standard variant. Today we would like to review this blackjack variant

Progressive blackjack in online casino Tropez

Like in the usual version of blackjack, a player and croupier get two cards each. The aim of the game is unchangeable – you should collect 21 points or the sum of points as close to this number as it possible, but not exceeding 21 points. The cards from 2 to 10 equal to their

nominal value, faces (except Ace) equal 10 points. The value of Ace may be equal to 1 or to 11 points depending on the game.

The main difference of Progressive Blackjack is that the player may make an additional bet on jackpot and get an opportunity to break jackpot. Only that player who gets in 4 aces of the same suit in the first drawing may gain this prize.

We should mention that each game has its own Jackpot, the sum of which collects due to deduction from bets. Besides, in Progressive blackjack croupier puts all cards to the deck and shuffles after each round. In this game variant there is no option to split cards on the spitted hand. And the player may draw only one card for aces splitting.

Casino Tropez both gives you the great chance to enjoy intellectual game with elements of hazard and presents an option to break jackpot!