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Online Videopoker - Casino Games Review

Videopoker is colourful and exciting variant of draw poker, playing which is interesting and easy. This game gets many positive reviews of casino visitors. So far as there are many variants of videopoker with different quantity of active lines that is why winning combinations are also differ. The difference is in so-called wild cards that may replace any other card on the hand.

First variants of videopoker appeared approximately at the same time as personal computers. Many newbie players suppose that online videopoker has almost no differences between it and the usual slot machine. Outwardly it is right. It has the same case, the same spinning reels. But having played you will understand that videopoker is a combination of famous card game and the usual slots. From the first game videopoker has taken cards combinations, from the second – the automation of game process. Many casino visitors that earlier preferred playing slots began to study the new interesting game – videopoker, as this game seemed to be easier than offline poker. Like any other phenomena videopoker has its advantages and disadvantages.

The success of professional players proves that skills in videopoker play more important role than fortune. On this page ParadCasino.com offers you online videopokers reviews from various Internet casinos. And weighed pros and cons you may choose videopoker variant that fits you.

2 Ways Royal in Europa Casino

The visitors of online casino Europa can play 2 Ways Royal videopoker.

Videopoker Two ways royal in online casino Europa

In any videopoker the highest hand is royal flush. As a rule, it consists of five highest cards of the same suit (ten, knight, queen, king, ace). 2 Ways Royal will surprise you, because besides standard royal flush which is called High Royal flush here, there is also Low Royal Flush – five lower cards of one suit (2, 3, 4, 5 и 6). That's why in 2 Ways Royal you have twice more chances to get the highest combination which is paid 250 to 1. Pair of knights is the lowest winning combination paid 1 to 1. Minimal bet is ¢ 5, maximum bet is $5. There are five columns in Payout table. Payouts increase from left to right. For instance, you've chosen the third column, then your bet size and payout coefficients are increased in three. There are One Bet (minimal bet) and Max Bet buttons in 2 Ways Royal videopoker. By pressing MaxBet cards dealing starts automatically.

After pressing Deal button you get five cards. If you don't get winning combination you can replace from 1 to 5 cards. To save cards you need to click them with your mouse. The saved card will be marked red sign "Held". Cards will be replaced after pressing Deal button. If you've got winning hand, there will appear a window with information about the winning sum and three buttons. Double: you can participate in Win doubling game. Double half: half of your winning is dopanated on your account, the other half is to be used in Win doubling game. Collect: the whole winning is dopanated to your account. Win doubling game is standard. Four cards face down and one card face up are dealt. If you open the card of bigger value than the already opened card your winning (or half of it) is doubled.

Become a king or a queen of videopoker in 2 Ways Royal in Europa Casino.

Tens or Better in Russian Casino

The child of poker and slot-machine videopoker gives you an incredible feeling of lightness of the game. Tens or Better videopoker in Russian Casino is one of the games you can't leave without a gain. As you can guess from the name of this videopoker winning hands begin from pair of tens.

Videopoker Tens or better in online casino Russian Casino

You can play on five hands (lines). Buttons + and – are meant for choosing the number of hands. To make a bet you should chose the number of coins and their value (buttons < and >). Down the screen you will see total bet on all playing hands. Payouts in Paytable vary depending on the number of chosen coins. As every slot machine videopoker has MaxBet button. By pressing it you make maximum bets on all 5 hands. Cards dealing starts automatically.

As for the game it is pretty easy. After pressing Deal button each playing hand is dealt with 5 cards. In Tens or Better videopoker player can change his cards (from 1 to 5). Potential winning cards can be saved by pressing the card or Hold button. If you've got winning combination before exchange the game will give you a "hint" which cards are better to be saved. When playing on several hands simultaneously the hold cards duplicated on the rest of the playing hands. Cards are exchanged after pressing Draw button. After the winning combinations are determined. But there is something interesting to come! Tens or Better gives you an opportunity to increase your winning. By pressing the Double button you get into the game of increasing the winning. By pressing the Collect button you refuse from the game and your winning is deposited at your account. If you are a risky person and want to play riskily, you are in the game: you'll get one card face down. Here you need to use your sixth sense: you are to guess either the color (your winning is doubled) or suit (your winning is increased in four times!). This game is truly risky, as you lose your winning if you fail. However, your risk can be justified, when money prize is increased.

We are free to say that Tens or Better in Russian Casino is that kind of videopoker chosen by the winners.

Videopoker All American in Winner Casino

Videopoker games differ from each other, that is why we provide you this review of one of 14 videopoker games at Winner Casino.

What can be said about All American? In general, it makes only good impression. The online casino provides you a possibility to download a program for playing videopoker for free and install it on your computer. There is also an online version, although you would work hard to get the site navigation.

Videopoker All american in online casino Winner

When you are finally in the game, everything is pretty clear, the interface has pleasant colors and convenient navigation system. The main part of the screen is occupied with five cards and Paytable. Paytable consists of standard poker hands and five paylines. With buttons + and - you can choose the number of coins you wager at every deal. By choosing a payline in the paytable, you determine your bet size. There are maximum and minimal bet limitations in All American. Also you can make maximum and minimal bets with the respective buttons in the bottom of the panel. The Bet Max button deals cards automatically.

In videopoker five cards are dealt, you evaluate which of them can be a part of a poker hand. To save the card you have to click it, it will change the color and the sign Hold will appear on it. Sometimes a slot machine can give you a hint which cards you should hold, and also lights the poker hand in the paytable. Then you press the Deal button, the cards you have not chosen are replaced by the others, and you can see whether you got a hand.

If you got a hand you can try to play Doubling. In the appearing window you will see the amount you won. You have three variants of actions: 1. To press Collect button and the win will be deposited to your balance. 2. Press Double button and you will play Doubling 3. Press Double a half, and a half of your sum will be deposited to your balance, with the other half you participate in the Doubling. If the gain can be divided into two, the bigger part of the prize goes to your balance. Doubling game is a standard game for slot machines: 1 face-up card, 4 face-down cards, you should choose the card higher than the face-up card.

All American combines simplicity of a slot machine and elegance of poker. Can't imagine these characteristics together, then you just have to try this kind of poker at Winner Casino.

Videopoker with 50 lines of Europa Casino

Surely all players of the online casino are familiar with the videopoker "Jacks or Better". Casino Europa presents the variant of the famous videopoker "Jacks or Better" with 50 lines.

50-line videopoker Jacks or Better in online casino Europa

In practice the rules of playing 50-line videopoker do not differ from the classical videopoker "Jacks or Better" with the only difference that on the game screen there are 50 playing lines with cards and the probability to get winning combination is much higher.

In addition the player of Internet casino has an opportunity to increase its current winning half as much or twice.

Even for the most demanding players this kind of videopoker will appear to be interesting and attracting. You may look through the paytable without interrupting the game process.

Videopoker Wild Deuces in Russian Casino

Videopoker Wild Deuces in Russian Casino

Videopoker is a game that imitates real slot machine. Videopoker Wild Deuces has conquered is its wide popularity among players, due to its payout table. The secret of this videopoker version is in the fact that all four deuces are jokers in this game. It means that a deuce may be transformed in any other card, heightening the combination or forming it.

The player's aim in online videopoker is to collect one of the winning combinations mentioned in the payout table. Videopoker Wild Deuces is usually played with the regular deck of 52 cards.

In order to start playing videopoker you should make a bet. You can do it using your mouse. The bet in this game may vary from 1 to 5 coins, with the nominal of 0.25, 1 or 5. After the bet is made, the online casino will deal you cards. Having analyzed your hand you should decide which of them you should hold and which replace.

After all unfixed cards will be replaced, the online casino will analyze your hand for the presence of winning combinations. You can replace cards only once per game. The casino automatically advises what cards you should hold. If you don't agree with the casino decision you may cancel auto holding by mouse clicking.

Having got any winning combination you have an opportunity to play Double game, offered by Russian Casino. To play double game you should press the button Double and the casino will deal you five cards. One of these cards will be opened and four – face down. The player's aim is to guess which one of the closed cards is higher than the opened card. If you guess this card the casino doubles your winning sum.

Videopoker Wild Deuces presented in Russian Casino is colorful and exciting version of five-card draw poker, in which you may play easy and interesting. Besides, Flush-royal on five tokens is paid 800 to 1, so while playing you are not only having good time, but also get an opportunity to enrich your pocket.

Videopoker Joker poker in casino William Hill

Among the various videopoker variants we would like to offer you the review of Joker Poker with 50 active lines. You may find this videopoker version in the online casino William Hill. This poker version is available not only in the flash version but also in the download one.

This game variant differs from Joker Poker by 50 card lines. The deck of 53 cards plays (including Joker) in each line. This videopoker features with Joker, which always plays according to the visitor's interest. It replaces a card in order to form the winning combination. Respectively, the higher combination is the higher payout it has. The main aim of 50 line Joker Poker is to collect the winning combination of five cards.

50-line videopoker Joker Poker in online casino William Hill

First of all the player should choose the value of tokens that he bets in each round. In order to do this he should use buttons + and -. If the player has decided to play on high bets it is enough to press the Max Bet button. And the casino will automatically bet the maximal tokens quantity (5) and will deal cards. In the right down corner of the playing panel the casino visitor may observe his bet size. Minimum and Maximum are also significant buttons in 50 line videopoker Joker Poker. The first one is responsible for one coin of the minimal value and the second one – for five coins of the maximal value.

After the cards have been drawn the casino visitor should choose those cards that he wants to leave in the game. After that fixed cards will be used on all lines. The lowest combination is a pair of Kings. Money for each winning combination in Joker Poker with 50 lines may be doubled. In order to do this you should choose among the four faced down cards guess the card that would be higher than the opened one. The suit of the card doesn't matter. The significant advantage of the player of Joker Poker with 50 lines in the online casino William Hill is that he may double not only the total sum of his current winning but also the half of this amount. It means that you may transfer to your account the first half of the winning amount and try to double the second one.

The payout system of videopoker Joker Poker with 50 lines in William Hill deserves the close attention. Thus the minimal bet in this game is one cent. In order to determine sum of your winning you should multiply your payout from the table on the value of the chosen coin. In videopoker Joker Poker with 50 lines the amount that you bet may be increased 5 000 times.

If you haven't cleaned up still the online casino William Hill gives you such an opportunity. Don't waste your time! Good luck!

Videopoker 25-Line Aces & Faces in casino Tropez

The online casino Tropez presents to its visitors a wide range of various games, including the number of videopoker variants. One of them we will describe in this review.

25-line Aces & Faces differs from the usual videopoker version by 25 lines of cards. Each line has its own cards deck. The aim of the game is to collect five cards that will form the winning combination. In order to collect a winning combination you should hold the cards that you want to leave after the first drawing. A player may change cards only once.

You may find the manual of the game process below.

First of all you should choose the quantity of tokens that you want to bet in each round. To make this you have to use buttons + and -. The alternative buttons are "Bet one" and "Bet maximum". The first button raises the bet amount for one token by each pressing and the second one makes a bet on the maximal possible tokens quantity at once. The maximal bet is five tokens on each line. You may study your account in the special box on the right side of the playing monitor.

Videopoker Aces and faces in online casino Tropez

When you are ready to start playing you should press the "Deal" button. The video slot will draw your cards with the inscription "Hold" on each card. You should press this button if you decide to hold card for the further game. Those cards you have left in the game are played on all 25 lines. You also may use the "Auto holding" option that holds cards formed the winning combination after the first cards dealing. It is important that the profit is summed if the winning combinations are formed on few hands. After that the winning amount appears on the display. The minimal winning combination is a pair of Jacks. It is followed by Two Pairs, Three of the Kind, Straight, Flush, Full House, Straight Flush, Four Deuces (up to 10), Four Jacks (Queens, Kings), Four Aces and Royal Flush. The minimal bet in 25-Line Aces & Faces is 1 cent. Having bet one cent the maximal winning may be 1:250. The maximal possible winning of this videopoker variant is 4 000.

The online casino Tropez offers you to double your winning after getting winning combinations. If you decide to use this opportunity – just press the "Double" button. You will get five cards, one of which will be opened. Your aim is to guess among four face down cards the one that would be higher then the opened one. The suit doesn't matter. If you guess, your current winning sum will be doubled and again you are given a chance to double. If you don't guess you lose your winning and move to the basic game. There is one more variant of doubling. You don't have to risk the entire winning sum, but divide it on halves. In such case ½ of your winning will move to your account and the second half you may try to increase.

The online casino Tropez is open for visitors round the clock. No matter whether you like to play for money or just for fun, the casino is always glad to see you.