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Astrology and gambling

Astrology and gambling Share

Lately scientists tried to research whether there is a connection between person's zodiac sign and his success in gambling. Let's see what they've got.

14,000 gamblers were interviewed for the research; scientists also analyzed their gambling history (winnings and losses in different games). As a result, scientists have revealed the list of the zodiac signs beginning from the luckiest down to the "losers". Aries are at the top. These stubborn people seem to be lucky in any game they choose. Bad news for people born under the sign of Cancer. Their chances to be good at gambling are the lowest. "Announce all the list, please!" Here you are. 1. Aries, 2. Gemini, 3. Leo, 4. Capricorn, 5. Taurus, 6. Sagittarius, 7. Pisces, 8. Scorpio, 9. Virgo, 10. Libra, 11. Aquarius, 12. Cancer

What should signs at bottom of the list do? Give up gambling and start playing board games? Let's take a look at the most successful poker players. Are they all Aries and Gemini? Phil Hellmuth (Gemini): 11 WSOP bracelets. Daniel Negreanu (Leo):4 WSOP bracelets and PokerStars member. Pius Heinz (Taurus in the middle of the list): WSOP 2011 winner. There are also poker stars among potentially unlucky zodiac signs. Phil Ivy (Aquarius): 8 WSOP bracelets, World Poker Tour (WPT) winner. Ivan Demidov (Cancer): one of the winners of WSOP 2008, PokerStars member. As you can see successive players can be of all zodiac signs.

Astrologists think that any sign can be successive at gambling if the person keeps astrologist recommendations.

Aries You are active and original so the games popular among millions of players are not for you. Your games are keno, videopoker and punto-banko. In gambling you need to trust your instincts only.

Taurus You enjoy gambling and watching other people playing. You should avoid betting at bookmaker's office and buying lottery tickets. You capital can be enlarged in such games as blackjack and poker.

Gemini i Your game at online casino can be compared to the driving the sports car. You pick up speed very quickly and drive really fast. To leave the game with money, do not raise your bet limits even in the most attractive situations.

Cancer Intuition is your Ace. If you feel like you need to bet on zero just do it. Stars recommend you to play slots online, roulette and keno.

Leo You are of those who analyze every little detail before making any step. You are strategist and can calculate possible game outcome. Your don't like games you can't control. Use your great intellectual abilities at poker and blackjack.

Virgo You don't trust Lady Luck and try to do all the job yourself. You don't like instability of gambling games also you like playing at casino. Your sign games are slots and blackjack.

Libra You don't like to risk. You are rather an observer than an active player. People of your sign are good at roulette, but to get 100% result, read and learn some roulette strategy.

Scorpio You have really good chances to hit Jackpot playing slots. Maybe, you should buy some lottery tickets.

Sagittarius You can't keep away from the gambling and everything connected with it. Gambling can go to the head of even such serious person as you are. Get the experience at free casino games and learn some poker strategies and you will conquer the whole world.

Capricorn You may be really good professional poker player. With the right goal you can get anything you want. Keep trying and you'll get results. Capricorn games: videopoker, slots and keno.

Aquarius Trust your inner voice and it wouldn't let you down. That's why your balance is always positive when you leave roulette tables and slot machines.

Pisces You believe in luck and fortune and wait for that happy moment you become the winner. The Fortune will be good to you in such games as slots and poker.