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Online Slots

Slots online, or as they also are called - slot machines, fruit machines or poker machines, have been favourites among fans of gambling for a long period of time. In addition to the fact that the slot contributes to your rest and does not require the addtional training and knowledge, most casinos provide the players with a chance to win Jackpot or Progressive Jackpot in slots.

Thanks to the Internet casino onrush, online slots have gained vast popularity of fans which are playing at home, in the office and via mobile telephones.

If your are one of the permanent players and you want to play immediately you may pass this page and go straight to our casino reviews or slots reviews. We will suggest the best casinos where you can both enjoy playing and win the significant prizes.

But if you still are not sure whether to play online slots or not and you are not well informed in game rules, read the Introduction, rules, strategies and use the provided links. In our portal you may find answers to all interested questions and learn how to deal with betting. Besides some casinos provides playing for free - so you may test any slot machine without wasting money.

Slots Rules

Online slots rules are quite simple but as all slots are different, it is very important to know what button when you need to press. Lately a lot of companies - creators of software have been debeloping innovations in the online slots field. But the main rule is invariable, the casino player needs to get one of the winning symbol combinations on the slot reels. Depending on the pictures combination has been fallen the amount of prize is determined.

You may read more detailed information in Online slots rules.

Strategy - to play to win

The fact that online slots is a risk game is undoubtful. Press buttons, have your fingers crossed and hope to win. It is of today as in Las Vegas as in online casino. But the strategy is not limited by these actions. The choice made by the player depends on the gamу result and victory probability. Casino visitors need to know when they should make the maximum bet, when to change the slot and how to finish the game in time.

More detailed information is in Slots strategy in online casino.

Slots History

In this section you may read about the inventors of slots, where began playing slots first and where the first slot machin is situated at the moment. Here you will find the information about more than century-long period of development, as well as the path slots had to travel under the influence of social tendencies and taboos.

Read more in the section Slots History.

Slots Glossary

There are difinite terms of casino every player should know. Understaning this definitions you will be able to fell yourself in the slots world more seld-confident and to be familiar with all pitfalls.

Look throuth the terms in Slots glossary - terms and definitions.

Having passed through the various changes in interface, rules, design, reels and lines number, slots online have been and is now the popular casino game.

Slots in Internet casino are operating according to the same system as their offline ancestors. But online slot machines have several evident advantages. First of all they are more comfortable, you may play at your computer and change the slot with one mouses' click.

Secondly nowadays the players may play any slot for free in the demo mode with no risk to the pocket.

Therewith if you do not live in Las Vegas or Monter Carlo don't be upset; the number of casinos to play in Internet exceeds the number of casinos in these places. In order to play in casino there is no necessity to take a long vacation and spend money on the way to the destination.

The portal ParadCasino.com will tell you about the brand new arrivals, pros an cons of each online slot and advice you the best slots in Internet.