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Online Roulette

Some say roulette is the most exciting casino game in the world. The outcomes in online roulette depend almost entirely on luck, but some control over this online casino game can be had by wagering wisely.

Roulette online is one of the most popular and favourite online casino games. In the comprehensive world due to Internet progress you can enjoy this fascinating game in one of online casino without leaving your house.

If you do not fully master roulette online and want to learn the rules before making your bet, the portal ParadCasino.com gives you all you’ll need to know to play smart and play to win: roulette rules, strategies, roulette history and types of the game and reviews of online casino that suggest online roulette games.

Rules - How to play roulette online

A roulette game presupposes multiple types of bets including bets on one number, on few numbers, on sectors – even / odd, black / red and many others. This bets variety gives you an opportunity to use lots of strategies and bets potenital. Understanding how each move can help or hurt your online roulette game is essential before you are at the roulette table. To live by the rules undoubtedly is quite boring, but starting gambling a few simple rules must be followed.

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Strategy – How to play to win

Neither a wheel nor a ball has memory in roulette.  It means that there is no well-defined strategy that would guarantee you constant winning. But there are few methods that can increase your chances in winning.

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Roulette History

General unanimity asserts that the roulette wheel was invented in the mid 17th century and the first game was played in monasteries to cast away tedium among monks.  The history of roulette, perhaps, the most interesting among gaming.

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Glossary—Terms used in Roulette Online

In order to feel yourself more confidence at the roulette table every player should know basic terms and definition used in the game process. All necessary information you can find in our online Online roulette glossary.

Summarizing we may say with confidence that if there would be the hierarchy of aristocracy among online casino games, the online roulette will be the queen. This fascinating game has always been popular among players since 18th century. Roulette is captivating by everything – unpretentious design, simple rules, feeling of excitement, when all your dreams and hopes are put into small ball that in a few seconds may bring you the winning triumph or bitterness of loss. When Internet appeared and quickly began to absorb gambling enterprises, the popularity of online roulette rose all around the world. The reason is that you can play this exciting game at the very home.

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