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Online Roulette Strategy

In online roulette there are such strategies that provide successful playing during the long period of time. In our portal we will tell about simple bet methods. In order to master them you won't need a lot of time.

System «1-3-2-6» in online roulette

Thus the first strategy we want to share with you is the bets system «1-3-2-6». Usually while playing in online casino following the very system the bets progression with coefficients 1-3-2-6 is used. That's the game is played on the plain chances as Red / Black, Pass / Miss, Odds / Evens. When the players' bet wins the next roulette vet is made due to the above mentioned system progression. If the bet loses we begin to make the bet again from our initial bet.

Course of roulette game by the stretegy «1-3-2-6»

If the first bet loses - loss of 1 chip.
If the second loses - loss of 2 chips.
If the third loses - winning of 2 chips.
If the fourth loses - at the money.

While using such a system if players lose on the second bet 5 sessions out of 6 and win 4 bets running in one session, they win in total 2 chips.

Martingale System

The strategy is quite simple: you need to start playing roulette from the low money. In case of successful playing the player of the online casino collects the winning and makes the initial (low) bet. In case of unsuccessful game (means loss) the player needs to double the initial bet making the next move. Thus the system presupposes bet doubling in every loss till the next win comes. If we win at last, we collect the winning and return to the initial bet.

Example: the initial bet in online roulette is 10 points, the player loses 4 times running, following the system he should double the previous bet each time.

1 move - 10 points
2 move - 20 points
3 move - 40 points
4 move - 80 points

We can see that the player made the bet of 150 points and lost. But the 5th move comes and he wins: 5 move + 160 points. I.e., the player of the casino runs a surplus of 10 points.

With such an obviously profitable system ideally the player in any case will win soon or later that's why in every casino there are limits for minimal and maximal bets. The player may increase the bet only definite number of times but not ad infinitum. In order to win while playing by this system in online roulette you should bet only e.g. on Red. While losing - double your Red bet.

Is there probability that Red never falls? Let's try to calculate the very strategy for several consecutive bets. We may suggest that you playing roulette make bets only of Red. The probability that the red won't fall with the first roulette spin is 19/37 or 0,513513. The probability that the red will fall with neither the first roulette spin nor with the second one is 19/37/2 or 0.263696. Having made such not sophisticated calculations we comes to understanding that red should fall at least once out of 10 spins. The probability of it is 98.87%. The probability of winning in online roulette is close to 100% but for more confidence you need to have a rather big starting capital.

Five rules of successfull game

  • 1. Do not hurry. In roulette like in love there is no place for hurry, play slow and enjoy the game process. All the more in the online casino you choose the game speed by yourself and it is you who determine the game duration. You may end a game by one single click of mouse whenever you like, which is one more advantage of roulette in the online casino.
  • 2. Make various bets. Diverse bets that rotate all over the table are a good way to decrease the risk of failing in roulette.
  • 3. Control your emotions. Many casino visitors make a mistake letting their emotions dominate over the sober mind playing roulette. Superfluous emotions lead to thoughtless and spontaneous actions and may have bad influence on the game result.
  • 4. Try to avoid low bets. Most casino visitors stand upon the opinion that making low bets they act wisely. But such playing method is unproductive as it never gives you high winning sum.
  • 5. Be patient. The best way to make a profit in roulette is to arm you with patience no matter what happens. You should have the realistic view for the situation. Because, as we all know, even the best strategy cannot guarantee the winning.