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Roulette History in Casino

Roulette history is the most fascinating and interesting among all casino games. There are many versions of this gambling origin.

Some people believe that modern roulette version is a developed game of ancient China during which participants randomized 37 small statuettes shaped as animals in some square with 666 cells. This game was nameless and enjoyed the great population among Tibetan monks. With laps of time monks told about this exciting game to their brethrens from the Dominican Order that made their contribution in comprehensive roulette formation by replacing animal statuettes with numbers from 0 till 36.

Another version of roulette origin states, that this game has rather close connection with "hoku", the game that has the European origin. This game of hazard was popular in XIX century. During this game players used a moving circle with a pit and special boards. In the middle of the circle an axle was situated from which spokes radiated. In such a reel the ball was placed and the reel was spinning and as the result of this action the ball fell in the definite pit.

However the most popular and the most reliable version is that this popular game was created by the great mathematician.

The mathematician and philosopher Blez Pascal created the first roulette wheel in 1655. Initially it was a part of development for creating the machine which never lost its impulse. Though his attempt to create the perpetual motion machine failed, the created wheel turned into the roulette and has acquired its own impulse. Pascal's failure brings profit to the gambling business.

Almost two centuries later two French brothers Francois and Louis Blanc changed the roulette wheel and transform it to the kind we can see in casino nowadays. They turned the colour of every pocket on the wheel into red and black, added the green zero sector and numbered pockets from 1 to 36.

Classic European Roulette in the casino

More superstitious people used to consider that brothers sold their souls in exchange for these ideas. That's why (they said) the sum of numbers on the wheel equals to 666.

When French immigrants settled in New Orlean, they brought roulette to America. The game gained the great popularity that spread in the United States. The game attracted as miners as cowboys that were eager to try the luck and win the Fortune's favour. In America exactly fortune's wheel got the additional zero sector. This additional sector nearly doubles the casino profit.

Despite of the risk many players made the reckless bets while playing roulette. In roulette history there was one striking cases when the player sold all his property and saved all his funds during three years (more than two hundred thousands of dollars) and bet all this amount on the red sector of the roulette wheel. Fortunately for him, the ball fell in red seven and he doubled all his savings.

With online casinos emerging players may now experience thrills and spills of playing roulette in Internet. Each online casino has different limits for roulette betting. Instead of spinning wheel and real ball Internet casino roulette simulates these actions with the help of computer graphics and software that generate random numbers carrying roulette history into XXIst century. Practically online roulette may give players the same feeling of excitement and agitation as the real one. And one plus - you don't need to tip the dealer!