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Online Roulette Glossary

Big Numbers, Golden Numbers – numbers that fall more often than should fall theoretically.

Casino Advantage, House Edge, Vig – advantage that casino gains over a player.

Chasing Losses – the process of bets increasing in order to win back previous losses.

Cold Table – the table where the players lose. The table may be cold only for you - you lose at the table while the others win. In any case you should avoid cold tables.

Dead Table – a table prepared for the game but there are no players at it.

Bankroll, Gambling Stake – the total amount of money the player uses.

Spin - one game. The result of one roulette wheel rotation.

Prison. In American roulette while zero falls all bets on simple chances are placed to "prison". Their fortune is determined by the next spin. If the bets win they returns to the player. If they lose - they are gone to the online casino.

Stack – a group of twenty roulette chips.

Cash – valuable chips you may exchange in the bank into money.

Fray – a place for chips.

Tokens: colored counters used in roulette in the online casino.

Column bet: bet on the vertical column of the roulette playing field.

French reel: the name of the roulette reel on which slots from 0 till 36 are placed, but there is no 00 number.

Playing diagram: the layout for online roulette, on which numbered slots are placed.

Bet for number: bet on the middle numbered part of the playing diagram in the online casino including bets on corner, street, split and line.

Corner: square, quarter, corner is a bet on four numbers when tokens are placed on the line crossing between any four numbers.

Split: a bet on two numbers in which tokens are placed on the certain line that splits two neighbor numbers.

Outer bet: a bet on one of numbered cells of the playing diagram in roulette in the online casino including bets on columns, dozens, odds, evens, black and red.

Slots: cells used for dividing fields between numbers on the column of the roulette reel.

Street: used for the horizontal column description in the playing diagram.

Neighbors: bets on numbers that are placed near each other on the roulette reels and on which you may make five bets. For example: 21 and neighbors 19, 4, 21, 2, 25.

Grand Martingale (System) - Martingale system variant. When the player loses the bet amount should be twice larger than the previous one + small amount is added.

Grind / Low Roller / Penny Ante - a player with small amount of money which makes low bets.

Grind Joint - casino intended for Low Roller.

High Roller - a player that plays with LARGE amount of money in the online casino.

Long Run, Long-Term - a game with a big amount of spins when the dropout frequency of numbers approximates to the predicted probability theory. и

Martingale Betting System, Double-Up System of Betting - betting system. Doubling up a bet every time a player loses.

Parlay - betting system. система ставок. Doubling up a bet every time a player wins.

Short Run, Short-Term - a game with a small amount of spins.

Spread – difference between maximal and minimal bets.