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Online Slots Rules

Slots are undoubtfully the easiest casino game in contrast to Blackjack or craps. You don't need to possess some special knowledge or skills, probably thanks to this characteristics slots have gained such success.

All slots are much alike in ouward appearance. The main differences in slots are in number of payment lines and reels as well as in the pay table. Nowadays practically in all online slots reels number is fluctuating between 3 and 5. There are can be up to 50 playing lines. Having received the winning combination in one of the active line, you need to look the winning amount in the Pay Table. There are buttons at the bottom of the slot screen, with the help of which you can determine the nuber of actime lines, line bet and start playing. The larger bet you make the bigger payment for the winning combination is.

Every online casino offers to its players the various kinds of slots:

Classical slots online. They consist of three reels with one (horizontal), three (three horizontal) and five (three horizontal and two diagonal) playing lines.

Multireel online slots. These are slot machines with five reels. The number of playing line may vary from 5 payment lines (three and 2 diagonal), 9 lines (horizontal, vertical and broken lines) and up to 50 lines.

Progressive slots. They are online slots that provide progressive jackpot drawing. The amount of jackpot is increasing in proportion to the made bets.

Bonus slots. These are slot machines with a variety of bonus games. The bonus game of the slot represents the drawing of the additional money prizes, free spins and multipliers.

In order to start playing the visitor of Internet casino nees to choose the coins value he/she will play with. After that you need to select the number of playing lines.In the slots while determining the winning amount for the symbol combination the winning factor, specified in the Pay Table, is multiplied by the bet. The winning combination is paid for the highest combination on each of occupied lines.The Max Bet button automatically makes the maximal bet. The Spin button starts the slot's reels.