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Online Slots Review

Nowadays slots are presented in all online casinos and receive a lot of positive reviews of casinos visitors. The first slot machines were invented in 1899. The simplicity of rules and relatively high probability of winning has provided wide popularity and fame. During the process of its evolution that has lasted more than century slots got lots of changes, but the aim remain the same.

Earlier such slots you might meet in special gambling institutions and casinos. Slots were sort of additional casino entertainment for regular casino visitors of that times that played slots during breaks between poker or blackjack sessions. Nowadays slot is a game that is interesting for completely different people – of different age, social position, gender and so on. The developing of digital and computer technologies allowed moving game that has millions funs in new format – now you may play slots online in any suitable for you time.

Slots online are various not only due authors' fantasy but also due to visitors' preference. ParadCasino.com offers you reviews of the most popular slots in internet casinos. In order to play slots online successfully and limply and find slot specially for yourself any visitor should know how do they operate.

We will tell you about all advantageous and disadvantageous of slots with different reels and payout lines quantity, give you information about bonus and free games, describe all innovation of casinos.

Slots Funky Monkey in Russian Casino

In September 2010 Russian Casino online presented to the players aboslutely unique seires of online slots Funky Monkey six in one.

The uniqueness of slots line is that it consists of six different in the principle of operation slots than are united by one subject matter:

Slot Funky Monkey in online casino Russian Casino
  • Slot Funky Monkey Simple is an online slot machine with five reels, 40 playing lines, Wild symbols, double game and Mega Jackpot.

  • Slot Funky Monkey Progressive is a five-reel slot with 40 playing lines, Wild symbols and double game. The zest of this slot is that the player is given a chance to win not only Mega Jackpot but also Progressive Jackpot.

  • Slot Funky Monkey Bonusline is played in 20 payment lines. Also there are Wild symbols, free spins and three bonus games as well as double games and Jackpot. Bonus games allows to win multipliers, free spins and money prizes.
  • Slot Funky Monkey Unique is a slot featuring five reels and 20 payment lines, Wild symbols, bonus game, free spins, double game and Jackpot.

  • Slot Funky Monkey Arcade is a five-reel slot with 20 payment lines, Wild symbols, bonuses that lead the player to the bonus arcade, free spins, double game and Jackpot.

  • Slot Funky Monkey Mega slot is a five-reel slot machine featuring 20 payment lines, Wild symbols, bonus game with accumulation, double game, additional bonus slot with payment accumulation and Jackpot.

  • Funky Monkey Multibonus – offers to the players' attention three bonus games, in which they may win money prizes. Bonus games start when the player gets three or more symbols Bonus, Bonus2 or Bonus3. Besides, in this slot you are given an opportunity to win Jackpot.

Slots Funky Monkey provides to the players the wide range of bets. Line bets vary from 0.25 till 25 units, and maximum spin bet in this slot varies from 500 till 1000.

You may play slots Funky Monkey for free in the demo mode of Russian Casino and try your luck in one or in all slots of this unique series.

Slot Elektra of company Playtech in casino Winner

The Playtech Company continues to create the new slots based on the Marvel comics. These new slots have received the great reaction of casino visitors. Each of these slots, created by the famous developer, has its own features that attract great player's audience.

Recently online casino Winner has presented the slot Elektra to their players, based on the adventures of the heroine – the hired assassin that greatly copes with all kinds of Japanese weapon.

Slot Electra in online casino Winner

Elektra is a slot machine with 5 reels and 25 active lines. The bet size varies from 1 up to five dollars. The slot also offers many options, including wild symbols, scatter and bonus games. The Wild symbol with an image of Elektra, may replace any other symbol, increasing or forming winning combination. The casino gives the players an opportunity to play this slot for free but only in the download version of the casino.

The bonus game of the slot Elektra starts after three or more symbols Elektra drop on the slot reels. In the bonus game you should manage close fight with nindzia, using your super powers and various weapons - missile weapon and others. There are about nine missile stars and the winning is determined under the fact whether you have thrown down five enemies or not.

Like in any other Playtech slots in the slot Elektra players may take part in one of four jackpots' drawing. In order to make it you should play with maximal bets.

You also should pay attention to the fact that Elektra Slot has many interesting symbols with the high payout coefficient. One of such symbols is the Scatter symbol with an image of the national Japan weapon as trident fang; it gives players up to 14 free spins. In order to get these spins the player should collect the certain number of Scatter symbols on reels. It is interesting that when casino player gets these symbols he should choose among offered variations of free spins. The online casino provides you with three kinds of weapon to choose; each of them gives either usual reel spins or spins with multipliers increasing your bets.

Nowadays girls that can deal with the cold arms in a professional way are the rarity and the Playtech Company along with Casino Winner gives you a unique opportunity to meet such a heroine.

Slot The Incredible Hulk in Casino Tropez

The tradition to create slots based on the famous blockbusters has recently come into the gambling industry. There are X Men, Electra, Fantastic Four slots and even the favourite Pink Panther slot. The slot we would like to review is an original sequel of the movie within the online casino Tropez. Everybody remember the giant named Hulk. In a five reel slot with 25 lines you can meet him again.

The online casino Tropez has slots for any taste. But the playing process is the same.

Slot Incredible Hulk in online casino Tropez

A player should start with betting, which he may make using buttons on the playing board of the slot. In order to choose lines in The Incredible Hulk slot you should use the Line button. For the players who are sure in their luck the slot has the special Maximal Bet button. It makes the maximal bet on all possible lines and starts reel spinning. All winning combinations are paid according to the payout table of The Incredible Hulk slot after the reels have stopped.

We should pay close attention to the free and bonus games in this slot. Thus the bonus game "crushing blow" gives you an opportunity to act as the incredible Hulk. You should crush three of seven police cabs. This is the only case, when you fight against policemen and receive money for this. Then you (as Hulk) should destroy one of three police helicopters. Depending on the picked helicopter the prize amount factor will be determined. At the same time in the bonus game "crushing blow" the casino Tropez hides the surprise for players as the option "Giant's rage". It starts randomly, Hulk should destroy all seven police cars and then he gets all seven prizes in this round.

As for free games, they start after three or more scatter symbols fall. All prizes that the player gets during the free spins the online casino Tropez multiplies on three. It is very important that while playing slot The Incredible Hulk there is an informative page, where visitors may get answers on various questions: about payout coefficients, about symbols meaning, jackpots, bonuses and so on.

The slot machine The Incredible Hulk is one of the slots that capture visitors' attention due to its content: design, sounds and subject. The only right way to receive evidence of that is to visit the online casino Tropez. The chance to play for fun for free will gladden newbie players.

It is not often that you may play the role of the hero of the world-popular story. The online casino Tropez gives such an opportunity to their players. Hurry up to use it!

Slot Great Blue of Playtech in Europa Casino

The treasures hidden in boundless seas of the great oceans are available for observing of all those who have the huge desire due to the playing slot from Playtech Great Blue presented in Europa Casino.

And who doesn't wish to make the sea voyage? Europa Casino and Great Blue slot give you an opportunity to make the journey right at the bosom of the sea not leaving your house.

The 5-reeled and 25-lined playing slot Great Blue of Playtech Company doesn't demand any extra efforts of the player. It is enough to visit the Europa Casino site, choose this slot and start playing. You may play the Great Blue slot both for real money and for fun in the free mode. We should also mention that the playing slot of the famous developer differs by the colourful and sharp graphics, so you shouldn't be surprised if in some moment you'll really think that you are at the marine bosom. From both sides the slot is decorated with marine bubbles, and on the reels there are many sea dwellers.

Slot Great Blue in online casino Europa

The blue background of the slot Great Blue also displays the sea depth and here you may find unexpected marine animals. Having met cowfish you shouldn't be afraid, because it is the wild symbol that may replace any other symbol in the payout table. Having formed the combination with the wild symbol you'll see the real marine dance that the animated cowfish will perform. If you get the combination of five cowfish on the line the online casino will increase your winning 10 000 times.

And of course the slots of Playtech company make the players happy by the bonus games. If you are lucky enough to get on the line the combination that contains three or more symbols with the shell image, the bonus game starts. Here you should guess in which shells you may find pearls that hide up to 33 bonus spins with the multiplayer up to 15. Besides after each successful spin you may take part in the prize risk game. Guessing the cards' colour you may double your winning.

Research the marine depth with the Great Blue slot of the Playtech company presented in Europa Casino.

Slot «Gladiator» in casino William Hill

ParadCasino.com presents you the review of the playing slot with the great name «Gladiator». Online casino William Hill followed the authors and directors inspired by the subject of Ancient Rome with its gladiators combats. Now you are able to enjoy the slot that was created after the film of the same name. The role of wild symbols play main heroes of the film and free extra games will definitely remain you shots of film.

Slot Gladiator in online casino William Hill

So, «Gladiator» is a slot machine with 5 reels and 25 active lines. The suitable playing board will help you to study all options of the slot quite easily.

Thus in order to start playing you should choose the quantity of active lines on which you would like to play. The numbered lines are located on both sides of playing slots. In order to select lines you should click whether on the number specified on the line or on the button with the wanted number. The next step is the bet. Each button "Bet on line" press adds one coin. The maximal bet is 10 coins. If you don't like to press the button each time you may use the "Max Bet" option. This button will provide you with the maximal possible bet on all lines. One more practical button of the slot «Gladiator» is Auto. Having pressed this button once you start the reels' spinning. The reels would make the quantity of spins you need.

You should also pay your close attention to the menu of the slot that gives players such options as "Setting" and "Help". In the Setting you may manage the sound, colour and other technical options. As for the "Help" option you may find the detailed description of slot rules, this option is extremely useful. The symbols and buttons meaning, payout coefficient, additional games and spins are clearly and minutely described. The prize games are also presupposed in the slot «Gladiator». For example, if the player gets three wild symbols on the slot's reels, he/she definitely is moved to the Gladiator bonus game. In this game you should guess among 9 helmets the one that will give you the maximal possible winning. The next bonus game is The Colosseum. There is s net in several columns. There are stones in each of them, which hide the free games quantity, winning coefficient and additional symbols of free spins.

You will certainly like the «Gladiator» slot. It is enough to see it once in order to make such a conclusion. Besides, if you are a newbie player you will be pleasantly surprised by the option to play not only for money but for fun as well. Don't waste your time and go to the hazardous traveling around The Colosseum of Ancient Rome.

Slot The Discovery in casino William Hill

Proceeding with reviews of slots in various online casinos our site provides you with the review of the fascinating slot in online casino William Hill. The name of the slot is The Discovery and it invites all players to the unforgettable traveling.

Slot Discovery in online casino William Hll

The principle of this slot operation hardly differs from any other slots. It successfully combines nice sound and graphics. The control panel of the slot is also quite handy. But for the slot generally we may say that it is a machine with 25 lines and 5 reels, the main aim of which is to collect the combination with the highest payout for it.

In order to start playing slot The Discovery you should make your bet with the help of "bet on the line" button. You may increase this sum by clicking on the same button. You should bear in your mind that the maximal bet is 10 coins on a line. As for lines choosing, you may do it with the help buttons located around the slot's reel. One more way to activate all lines is "Maximal bet" button. Pressing this button you make the maximal bet on all lines.

After you have selected lines and the bet's size on them you may spin the reels using Spin button. If you would like to make few spins one by one you may use Auto button. In this mode the player defines the quantity of spins he wants to be made by the mode. After the reels stopped the winning combinations should be detected.

The detailed description of payouts you may find in the payoff table. But the casino pays only for the highest combination of all active lines. On the panel of playing slot all winnings, spins that the player has made and account balance are displayed. We should also mention the option of free spins in The Discovery slot. Ten free spins start and end automatically. After that winnings for each spin are summed up and this amount is moved to the player's account. In case when during the free game three or more Scatter symbols appear on the reels, the player gets ten more free spins.

What is the game without risking? The Discovery slot in online casino William Hill has some risk that makes the game much more entertaining. Each winning combination is accompanied by an offer to play in the risk game. If the player is ready to try his fortune he chooses one out of four cards that is higher than the opened card of the dealer. If the player chooses the right card he doubles his current winning. If his card is lower than dealers' one – he loses his winning.

For those players, who wants to risk but doesn't want to lose their entire winning sum there is a possibility to play the risk game betting ½ of the winning amount. The principle of the game is the same. But if you don't want to take a risk at all you may refuse the double game.

Online casino William Hill gives an opportunity to play not only for money but also for free. The playing mode for fun is always available for players. This mode is especially suitable for newbie players. If you have some free time – play The Discovery slot and you won't regret. Besides online casino William Hill may offer you the wide range of slots. And it does not matter which one you choose, you will certainly like playing in this casino.

Slot "Rocky" in Winner Casino

The film "Rocky" has started conquering the world since the middle of 1970s. Since then everybody knows that you'd better keep out of his way. Characters of the cult film inspired Playtech company to create a thematic slot-machine named Rocky. You will find this 5-reel slot with 25 paylines in Winner Casino.

Slot Rocky in online casino Winner

In the slot-machine you'll find familiar faces: Rocky himself, his wife, loyal friend Polly and also his rivals – boxers Apollo, Ivan Drago and Clubber. They all are the slot symbols. Rocky Balboa is a wild symbol. There is also a scatter symbol which can multiply your winning or give free games depending on the scatter number. Spin button starts reels spinning. But you don't need wait for reels to stop, you can stop them any time you want with Stop button.

Bonus game "Knockout" starts when 2 bonus symbols (white and red gloves) appear on the reels. For bonus game you will have to choose one of three rivals – champion Apollo, Russian boxer Ivan Drago or Clubber with unforgettable hairstyle. Bonus game consists of 10 short rounds. All fights are ended with knockouts by Rocky.

If there are "R" "O" "C" "K" "Y" symbols (this exact order) on the reels, your winning is multiplied in 5 times. Every winning combination provides you with the Risky game where you are to guess the color of the closed card. Playing Rocky slot machine is accompanied with videos from the legendary film.

Rocky slot machine will be interesting for players owing to its thematic interface and different ways to multiply their winning.

Slots Football in Russian Casino"

If you are real fan of football game or just like sometimes enjoy watching the game of professionals – you will definitely like the new line of slots in Russian Casino.

The series of new slots "Football" will conquer hearts of those who like hazard and sport games. Seven unique slots with various options united b subject – everyone's favorite game Football. You have opportunity to decide by yourself whether to play slots with option of jackpot winning or without it.

The first representative of the line – is slot Football Simple. This playing slot was created for those who like classic. Five reels, 40 lines and there is no waffle here. On the reels of slot you will find symbols Wild and also get opportunity to take part in double game.

Playing slot Football Progressive differs from the previous slot by the fact that besides all usual options here you may get Progressive Jackpot. Depending on the quantity of jackpot symbols on the active line you may get 1% or 100% of Progressive Jackpot.

Slot Football in online casino Russian Casino

Football Unique has just 20 lines but the lack of lines is compensated by bonus game and free spins.

Playing slot Football Bonusline will glad players with three bonus games with original plotlines. Like all representatives of the series you will find double game, wild symbols and opportunity to win Jackpot.

The name of playing slot Football Arcade Bonus tells for itself. This slot will bring you to the arcade of bonus games that are played one by one.

Football Megaslot beside bonus game offers you to play on additional lossless reel. And Football Multibonus completes the line of slots. Here you will find three fascinating bonus games and the best thing of this slot is that bonus symbols aren't related to the active lines.

Russian Casino traditionally invites you to appreciate the new slots line in free demo version where you may play slots for free and without registration. Get the positive energy with new slots Football and gain great prizes for your sport achievements!

Slot A Night Out of Playtech company

Casino William Hill invites you to spend a night out on the hot party in company of the great girls with the slot A Night Out.

Here you will find girls for any taste – red, blond and brunette with wonderful bodies and seducing forms. The slot A Night Out with 20 lines offers bets from 5 cents to five dollars. The slot captures players with shimmering atmosphere of the night club and will certainly make you dizzy with many cocktails.

Slot Night Out in online casino William Hill

The wild symbol is the mug of cold beer, this symbol will help you to form the winning combination on the line and enrich. The dance floor with gorgeous girls is the scatter symbol. The size of winning for this symbol is multiplied on the bet and added to the winning for the line.

The bonus game of slot A Night Out

Starts with the dropping of symbols with image of bar counter on the fifth and the first reels. Here you should find your escort for the evening and ask her for dance. And girl in her turn will give you free spins. If you choose "snow queen", the bonus round ends.

Don't forget to observe etiquette and entertain your lady with one of the cocktails that a barman offers you. Along with the drink you will get the multiplier for winning. And if you will prove that you are the best dancer in the club – you may get additional prizes.

The Slot A Night Out presented in casino William Hill will definitely present you unforgettable night!

Series of new slots Voodoo Curse in Russian Casino

Russian Casino has launched the new line of unusual slots Voodoo Curse. There are no doubts that new series of slots will call attention of many players as it includes seven slots in which each player will definitely find slot for himself.

Funny symbols and original subject allow you to touch the Voodoo magic and even give you an opportunity to conduct few rituals by yourself.

Slot Voodoo in online casino Russian Casino

In this line of playing slots Russian Casino offers you wide range of opportunities – you may choose slots with option of Jackpot winning or without one, there are lots of slots with several bonus games and bonus arcades and also accumulation bonus game with lossless reel for keens of bonus games.

The quantity of active lines in slots varies – you may select from 20 to 40 playing lines. And each slot offers you a jumpy double game that will give you chance to double your money plenty times.

Traditionally you will find such symbols as Wild and Scatter that always play on your side.

As usual casino online offers you learn in detail new slots line Voodoo Curse in free demo version on the demo portal. Having attended casino's free project you get on your account 10 000 free money units using which you may play slots for free.

Thus you may learn game rules, enjoy the design and sound effects, understand niceties of each representative of the line and experiment with bets without any risk for your money.

Plunge in the traditions of the world of Voodoo magic right now with new slots line of Russian Casino!