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Slots Strategy in Online Casino

Slots for the most part are plays of chance, but even while playing slots you may follow some game systems.

One of the advantage of playing with strategy is that the game is going on less dynamically. I.e. the player of online casino think over his/her actions. It needs a definite period of time, that prolongs money existense.

It is necessary to remember one important thing - there is no constantly working strategy that would guarantee the permanent winning to the player. But a strategy is better than lack of it.

Martingale System

Martingale strategy is the most popular one and is applied in almost all casino games, slots are not the exception. Following this strategy after each loss the player of Internet casino should double his/her bet, in order to win back the previous loss and increase the bet if one is fortunate. The basis of this strategy is the theory of averages stating that losing in one spin the player receives more chances to win in another. And hereby the law of averages should get its way and lead to the winning combination in the slot.

Anti-Martingale System

As an antipode of Martingale system the opposite system has appeared - Anti-Martingale one. The sense of the system is that in order to decrease the bet twice after each loss and increase twice after each winning in slots.

Many casino visitors think that this playing system in online slots is more correct, because more than half of games in slot machines is losing. But using this strategy the person manages his money even when he is losing. When the period of winnigs comes amount of money increases and at the short period of time you may scrape together a fortune.

Zig-zag System

This system (if it can be named so) lies in playing by turns at one or another slot, changing machine after each game. The point is in increasing winning chances on the next slot machine. You may use such method as in offline as in online casino.

Probably such behavior may seem pointless to someone, because to calculate winning chances in slots is practically impossible. But you may interpret this methof as a way to spend your time merrily, nothing more than that.

Few advices for playing slots

  • 1. You should play slots with the minimal bet sum that is exceptional for you. Even if there is one dollar or 50 cents. Choose the slot machine that plays with such sum and start playing.
  • 2. The ability to control yourself is the basic rule for successful players. That is why you should determine time and money limits that you are ready to send during the game. As soon as these two sources are deflated you should end your game.
  • 3. Before you pick out a slot for playing, test it. Make few spins (not less than 5). In case if after these spins slot machine doesn't pay out your winning – leave this slot and try another one the same way. As soon as you find slot that pays out you after five spins, start playing.
  • 4. Do you know that if you make 600 spins per hour during 3 hours you will lost the same sum as if you made 200 spins per hour during 9 hours of playing. Thus we may figure out the next advice – play slowly and enjoy the game process.