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Slots Glossary - terms and definitions

Bonus game is a game activated when the definite number of Bonus symbols appears on the playing line or on the slot reels. In the bonus game of the slot the money prizes, free spins or multiplies may be drawn.

Virtual reels are the reels of online slots, imitating the rotating parts of the mechanical slots.

Wild symbol is a universal symbol that substitutes any symbol supplementing and increasing the winning combination of the player.

Double game is a slot game that opens after winning combination falls on a line. The online casino offers to increase the winning amount twice. In some casinos the number of attempts is unlimited.

Payment (playing) line is a straight or broken line, that crosses the winning combination on a reel, the winning amount is determined by it.

Optimal play (optimal gamble) is a payment interest, that is due to the player, who makes use of the optimal strategy in gambilng. The optimal strategy need special skills.

Progressive Jackpot is a jackpot in online casino that constantly increasing at the expense of bets made at the slot machine. There are online slots with progressive jackpot connected with each other. Such slots raisen the payment level when jackpot falls.

Scatter symbol is a winning symbol, that is usually is not attached to the chosen lines and is paid when there are three or more Scatter symbols in any sequence at any position on the reels

Pay Table (Payoff Table) is a table that displays all possible combinations and their payoff amounts.

Hit is a winning draing on the online slots.

EGM is an abbreviation for "Electronic game machines" or electronic slots.

Max Bet is a maximum amount you may bet on the online slot.

Auto game – is an opportunity to play slots without player's participation, having determined bet size.

Skill stop, hold – is option that gives player an opportunity to stop reels in any moment of spinning.

Multiplayer – is a bonus symbol that multiplies players' winning for certain coefficient.

Account – personal player's account for depositing and withdrawing money.

Cash-in – depositing of money on personal players account in casino.