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Blackjack Glossary - terms and definitions

Shoe: a mechanical device for containing several decks of cards (up to 8) in the multi-deck blackjack. To start the game the casino dealer takes upper cards out of the shoe.

Cut card: A single-colour card that is placed into the playing deck at the place up to which the inshuffled cards will bet take out of the deck.

Hard Hand: A hand in blackjack with no an Ace, or a hand with an Ace that can only be scored as a 1.

Soft Hand: A hand in blackjack with an ace that can be valued as either a 1 or an 11.

Hit: To take one more card.

Stand: To refuse an additional card and pass the couse to the casino dealer

Bust: A lost blackjack hand whose value exceeds 21. 

Double Down: Doubling of the initial bet. Doubling is possible only in first two cards.

Split: Splitting first two cards into two different hands with the purpose to increase a chance to win in blackjack.

Draw: Scores of a player and a dealer of online casino are equal.

Pair: Two first cards that are dealt to the casino player of the same value.

Flat Bet: A type of the game during which the online blackjack player is not changing his bet.

Shuffle: The process of shuffling cards.

House Percentage: An advantage of the casino towards a player.

Counter, spotter: A player who counts cards in Blackjack in order to win over the casino.

High Roller: A person that plays in the casino with large bets.

Hot streak – is the situation when player wins many hands one by one.

Cold streak – is the situation when player looses many hands one by one.

Unit – is the minimal bet size allowed on this table.

Hole card - is one of dealer's cards.

Shill – is swindler, usually former casino worker who plays on blackjack table.

Card maximum – the quantity of cards that player and dealer are allowed to have on hands.