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Other games Glossary - terms and definitions

Shooter is the player who rolls the dice in craps game.

Face cards are cards like Jack, Queen and King of any suit.

Mini-baccarat is a variation of Baccarat in which a smaller game table is used.

Any craps bet is the bet on that a Craps (2, 3, 12) will be rolled

Any Seven is the bet that a total of 7 will be rolled on the next roll.

Come out is the first phase of Craps game, the first dice roll.

Natural is the baccarat hand totaling 8 or 9 (the strongest combination).

Tie is the bet that the player and the dealer will have the same sums in their hands.

Double is the bet that two of the dice will display the same chosen number.

Any triple is a bet that the three dice will display the same number.

Point is the number established on the Come-out roll that is not Craps or a Natural.

Any double is the bet that the two dices will display the same number.

Punto is the bet that player's hand will win.

Banco is the bet that dealer's hand will win.

Pass Line is the bet that a Natural (7 or 11) will be rolled, or the Shooter will establish the Point, on the Come-out roll.

Don't Pass is the bet that 2, 3 or 12 will be rolled and the Shooter will not establish the Point on the next rolls.