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Other games history

Despite the fact that Other games started appearing at online casino not so long ago the games have long history, some of them are older than classic roulette and poker. Most of the games in the Other games menu are ancient Asian games like sic bo or mahjong.

Sic Bo

Sic Bo (Hi Lo, the other name used in the Philippines) is considered to the ancestor of European carps. The game name is translated from Chinese as pair of dice, although three dices are used in the modern game process. The third dice is considered to be added to increase the player chances to win and vary the game process and possible bets. Special shaker to shake the dices is used in the modern game variation, in Ancient China special bawl was used for the same function, and special six-faced cubes were used instead of dices.


Another game of Chinese origin is mahjong. Despite all the myths and legends mahjong was invented in one of China provinces only couple of centuries ago. By the 20-s of XX century mahjong has became a part of Chinese national culture. Later mahjong has gained popularity among European and American players. The game was constantly modified and updated which resulted in the rules became confusing and the game has lost its popularity.


The game which was popular in Medieval Europe has a modern name craps. The crucifers brought this game to Europe during the Crusades to the Muslim countries. At that time the game was called azar, than the name was modified to hazard. John Winn was the one to develop the game rules yet in XIX century. The carps playing table, its layout, bet kinds were also made by Winn.

Baccara and Punto Banco

Most of the scientists think that such gambling game as baccarat was invented by the Italian Felix Falguierein. The word baccarat is of Italian origin and is translated as "zero" or "nothing". This can be connected with one of the game rules – all "face" cards and 10's equal zero. Baccarat is based on Etruscan ritual of the nine gods in which priestess was chosen. Young virgin had to throw a dice, the result of which decided her fate. 8 or 9 is the best outcome, the girl became a priestess. If 6 or 7 were thrown the girl was free, but banned from any religious activity. If she threw any number less than six, she would die in the sea. In XVI century the baccarat was introduced in France where it has gained its modern rules. At the beginning of XX century the baccarat was introduced in Las Vegas casino, but this game couldn't meet the competition with such fancy game as blackjack and soon it has disappeared from the American casinos. At early 60-s baccarat managed to come back and gain the popularity among players. At the same time people start playing Las Vegas Style Baccarat which is known as Punto Banco in Europe.


Bingo game was firstly mentioned in Italian literature in XVI century, than it spread all over to neighbor countries France and Germany. It became well known in the USA only in XX century. First the game was called "bean" as the winning numbers were covered with beans and the winner screamed "Bean". Later the game has gained more sounding name – "bingo". The bingo game was especially popular when priests started using it as the way to get money for churches.

Arcade games

Arcade games (races, horserace, soccer, darts) were invented in the middle of the XX century. Arcade games were addition to slot machines in casinos and shopping and entertainment centers. Arcade games were adored both by adults and kids. The game process in arcade games involved some difficulty levels, moving to the next level was possible only after the passing the previous easier one. The most popular arcade games are races, shooters quests and fights.