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Review of other games in casino

Loto Bingo in Eurogrand casino

Loto Bingo is a very popular game at the western countries. Despite the fact that many consider this game of English origin, this game was invented in Italy and used to be called "Lo Giuoco del Lotto D'Italia".

Loto Pop Bingo in online casino Eurogrand

Modern technologies provide you a possibility to play this simple and fascinating at the same time game right from your house. Players of the online casino Eurogrand can play electronic version of the popular loto named Pop-Bingo.

The name of the game is determined by the general style of the interface. Instead of the balls you'll see popcorn coming out from the pan. The playing field is the table of 90 cells from 1 to 90 inclusively. There is a draw machine under the table from which the winning numbers come out . Casino gives you the card with the numbers. If the numbers on your card and numbers on the field coincide the winning numbers turn into red. The rules are pretty simple: the faster you cover all numbers the more is your gain. By using the buttons under the card you can increase or decrease the bet size. The player can change the whole card if he doesn't like the numbers on it. There is a payout table on the top of the field, you can see your prize sum during the game. This game process is really fast, so you don't need to wait for the result, the game outcome is known within some seconds.

Online loto Pop-Bingo at Eurogrand casino brings you lots of pleasure and prizes.

Rock-Paper-Scissors in online casino Europa

Rock-Paper-Scissors is the easiest and most interesting game in the world. The game rules are really easy: rock breaks scissors, scissors cut paper, paper covers rock. If you don't have friend around to play with you can find a way by playing "Rock-Paper-Scissors" at online casino Europa.

Rock Paper Scissors in online casino Europa

Besides the main rules "Rock-Paper-Scissors" has extra rules. You can bet on you win several times in a row. This bet is called a bet on a winning line. If you win four times in a row winning coefficient will be 78 time bigger than your initial bet! Tie is considered as lose and breaks the winning period.

Most of the playing space is occupied with two hands, one of them is yours. There are gesture buttons (rock, paper, and scissors) on the left to the hands. On the right to the hands there is bet field where the winning games will be checked. The game has interface made in oriental style, sound effects will make you think it's not just the game for kids, but a real marital art. The hands are like fighters on the ring you start "fighting" after the gong sound. "Rock-Paper-Scissors" bet limits: ¢10 to $10.

"Rock-Paper-Scissors" is one f the games you can play for free at Europa casino.

Punto Banco in Russian Casino

Modern game Punto Banco originated in 13 century from the ancient game named Pai Gow which was played in China. The history of this game is unknown exactly, but well known the fact that the game Punto Banco was very popular in 15 century in Italy. This game was favourite entertaining among the wealthy people. In that time Punto Banco was played with cards for telling fortune.

Punto Banco in online casino Russian Casino

Russian Casino presents modern variant of Punto Banco that you may play in casino online. Punto is a player and Banco is dealer. In game participate 6 standard stacks of 52 cards each. The aim of game is to guess on which hand the sum of points will reach 9 or the most close to it number.

Player has opportunity to make bet on Punto, Banco or Tie winning. After the bets are determined dealer deals cards one by one to each sector – on punto and on banco. After the croupier has dealt 2 cards for each hand, the sums of points are compared. If non of sectors has 8 or 9 points the rule of the third card come into its own.

If player has less than 6 points on the hand he/she has to take the third card. If the player has 6 or 7 points, he shouldn't take additional card. Dealer has to take card if he has less than 6 points on his hand while player has only 2 cards. After the dealer has drawn all cards combinations are compared and the winner is determined. The cards value is determined in such a way: cards from 2 to 9 are equal to their nominal value. Face cards and Ten are equal to zero. And ace is equal to 1 point.

The game process of Punto Banco passes really quickly and captures players' attention. Such a game will be great beginning for newbie of casino online and will diversify playing of regular visitors.

Craps in casino William Hill

Craps is the game with dices that has conquered hearts of many players. Craps is considered to be the game of aristocrats since its creation. The game rules are quite easy, the process is fascinating and exciting. Game craps presupposes number of different bets. Craps in online casino William Hill

The game Craps is presented almost in each casino online and may compete even with such popular game as roulette. The exact version and date of this game origin remain unknown as the game has appeared quite long time ago. According to one of the versions this game with dices was the most popular entertainment among the soldiers during crusades. In that time they call this game simply Hazard.

Today dices game is available in many casinos online, among which casino William Hill is. According the Craps rules, players make bets against casino on the result of two dices dropping. The game consists of rounds, during each round player may change the bet on the playing field.

The game result is determined by the quantity of points on dices. The game consists of two rounds – the first dropping that usually called "Come Out Roll", this first dropping determines the number of Point and Point Rolls and further actions of players.

Player starts with the bet on winning or on loss. After that player makes bet "Come" and "Don't Come". And game may have such variants:

  • If the combination Craps falls (12, 3, 2 points) – Pass Line loses, if 2 or 3 points falls – Don't Pass is paid 1:1 and if the dices combination gives 12 points casino will return your bet.
  • If the point's sum equals 7 or 11 points, the bet "Don't pass line" loses.
  • If the Point falls (6, 5, 4, 12, 9, 8 points) the number is fixed and called "Point".

After that you should make "Point Roll". During the point roll round bets "Don't Pass" and "Pass" play until player gets point or 7 points. If the Point falls the bet Pass wins 1:1 and bet Don't Pass loses respectively. If 7 points fall the bet Don't Pass loses while Pass wins.