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Other games rules

To play any game you need to know the rules of the game, as only by knowing the rules and peculiarities of the game you will be successful in the game.

Scratch game is the electronic version of the lottery. The rules are very simple, you just scratch protective covering which hides the symbols. Symbols in certain combinations provide a gain for the players. The basic principle of the game is the same both for land-based casinos and online casinos.

Arcade games gain more and more popularity among players. The main point of the game can be different. Some of them involve spinning the wheel, rolling a dice or knocking down the figures. The player wagers on the certain outcome of the game. The right choice makes him a winner; with the wrong one he loses his bet

The Other Games menu usually contains the game named Sic Bo. The principle of this game is similar to the arcade games. Sic Bo is translated as the pair of dices, although the game process involves three dices. The player is to guess the combination of the dices.

Bingo game is the new version of the lottery, but instead of the barrels used in lottery the draw machine and numbered balls are used in the bingo game. The player task is to cover the numbers on the card. The faster you cover the numbers the bigger prize you get.

Punto Banco is the card game played with the standard deck of 52 cards. The playing table is divided into three sections – punto, banco and tie. The player makes the bet on one of three sectors. The dealer deals the cards to the sectors of punto and banco. The point of the game is to guess on which of the sectors hand sum will equal 9 or approximate to 9 number.