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Poker in Casino - Glossary

Ante – an initial obligatory bet in poker which should be paid by the casino player in the bank before he/she gets cards.

All-In / Va-bank - a kind of the bet in poker, in which the player bets all his/her tokens

Bet – the process of adding tokens to the bank of the online casino.

Bet the Pot – to make a bet equal to the bank amount in poker.

Blind – a blind bet. The player, who is sitting at the left hand of the casino dealer, makes the bet.

Bluff is a bet that the player makes, hoping that his opponents will believe that he has the high poker hand and fold their cards.

Button is the casino dealer's token which is necessary for showing the turn of the movement and the first bet in the haggling circle.

Buy-In – a minimal bet, needed to start the poker session.

Call – to support a bet, that means to contribute the amount equal to the bet of the last player.

Check – to pass, to skip the movement. During haggling Check gives to the poker player an opportunity to continue playing without making a bet, if nobody has made a bet before.

Chop - «to divide the bank». In the event that all players passed, the casino gives all blinds back to the players.

Dealer - the leader, the person who distributes cards to players, pays the winning amount and manages the action at a poker table.

Flop – three widow cards dealt on the poker table.

Flush – five cards of the same suit.

Fold – to pass, discard in poker.

Full House – one of the highest poker combinations that consists of three cards of the same rank and a pair.

Hand is a poker combination of five cards.

High Limit is a game with high bet sums.

Make – to shuffle a deck.

Maverick is the name of Queen and Jack in the poker combination of one or different suits.

Meet – to call a bet in poker.

No Limit – unlimited poker, game with the unlimited bet size.

Out – cards in poker that may improve your combination and that are still in the game.

Pair – two cards of the same rank.

Pass - to stop fighting for the bank in poker.

Pocket – hidden, pocket cards.

Raise – to boost the previous bet in poker.

Re-raise – to boost the poker bet once again.

River – the last dealt widow card.

Royal Flush– is a combination with Ace (Ace, King, Queen, Jack and ten) of the same suit. It is the highest poker combination.

Set – three cards of the same rank.

Straight – the chain of five cards of various suits in poker.

Straight Flush – the poker combination, the chain of five cards of the same suit.