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Poker History in the casino

The poker origin flashes with numerous supposed dates of its creation. Up till nowadays this subject remains the object of the hot discussion. However there is no exhaustive information about poker origin. But we may make a bold suggestion that poker cannot be older than playing cards. And cards were mention for the fist time in ancient XIII century in China.

And in XIV century cards moved to Europe, where began real sensation with their appearance – many their variants were created and this fact resulted in various cards game creation. Aim of the games appeared in this time was to get certain card combination, named as Flush (few cards of the same suit), pairs (deuces, triples, quartets) and combinations of certain numeration (As Twenty One or Cribbage).Those days dices were widely popular and that gives us reasons to presuppose that it were the dices that became primogenitors of nowadays poker combinations.

By the year of 1500 card games enjoyed great popularity all over the world independently of sex, social position and material values. It was the time, when basic rules of game, which later were named as Poker, were created. There were such game rules – participants collect certain combinations and having good hand rise bets till all opponents who called the last bet won’t expose their cards in order to find the winner. Players that refuse calling or rising bets are out of the game and lose all bet sums. Player whose bet wasn’t called or raised wins without cards explosion. According to one of the numerous versions poker appeared on former French territory in New Orleans state Louisiana. Poker developed fast all over gambling salons, situated in passages. In these times poker was played with deck, which included only 20 cards. This deck was drawn equally among four participants. Players might make bets only on such combinations as pair, two pairs, triple and full (three cards of the one rank and two cards of other). Such game was mentioned in many issues of that time. But in 1830 game started loosing its popularity.

In order to attract more fans people started play poker with 32-cfrds deck and in a while with deck that includes all 52 cards. Such changes gave the opportunity to increase participants and combinations quantity.

Draw poker was firstly mentioned in 1850 in American issue «Bohn’s New Handbook of Games». According the Draw poker rules in game may participate from two to five people. Croupier deals five cards and after this the first circle of haggling comes. After the haggling players who continue game may change their combination of five cards. After the changing the second haggling circle comes and then players exposed their cards.

Since the middle of XIX century poker gained numerous changes and innovations. It is not surprising that it was poker that was played in first casinos. Club poker was widely spread; this poker variant was played without croupier. There are more than 10 poker variants in the modern gambling world and each version has its fans. The main aim is common for all poker variants, they differ only by details. Recently poker was proclaimed sport game and now viewer has an opportunity to observe as events in World poker tournament develops. Professional poker players are famous. With online casino appearance many people all over the world got great opportunity to try this exciting game by themselves and also got the opportunity to play poker with real opponent any time around a clock.