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Casino Poker Review

Poker has very interesting history; it throws back to the remote ages. Many countries have made their contribution into the poker development and spreading. Poker was played almost in all continents in XVII-XIX centuries. But this game has different names in each country. Nowadays there are more than 40 various poker kinds in the world. The most famous among them are Draw poker, 5-card and 7-card Stud, Texas Hold'em, Omaha poker.

Due to television and Internet development this card game has been popularized ever more. The quantity of poker rooms and online casinos visitors, which have the aim to play poker, proves that the virtual poker variant is more interesting in XIX century than its offline version. Now playing poker is fashionable and prestigious. Online poker has become the part of the new life style, the feature of mastery and the characteristics of the good taste and the intellect.

This entertainment differs from games of hazard, because not just a lucky player wins here but the one who shows his good skills and the high intellectual level in poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker in online casino Eurogrand

In internet casino Eurogrand you may find one of the classic poker games – Caribbean Stud Poker.

Caribbean Stud Poker in online casino Eurogrand

Caribbean Stud Poker is a five card poker with Progressive Jackpot bet. In Caribbean Stud poker you can't change or buy cards which gives some dynamics to this game. The dealer plays with King/Ace or higher. If dealer doesn't qualify, your bets (ante and additional bets) are returned. If the dealer qualifies and your combination is higher, the ante is returned and the additional bet is paid according to the payout table. The playing field in Caribbean Stud Poker contains two payout tables: one for additional bet, another for progressive jackpot bet.

To win progressive jackpot you need to make bet on progressive jackpot bet field. 75% of each bet in progressive jackpot games goes to jackpot sum. The current size of progressive jackpot is indicated on the left side of the playing field. 100% of progressive jackpot is the prize for the player who will collect royal flush combination (five higher cards in sequence, all of the same suit). If your hand is straight flush (any five cards in sequence, all of the same suit) you will win a part of progressive jackpot (10%) which is a pretty large sum too.

Bet limits: 0,50 – 30

Appreciate classic poker game in Eurogrand casino. Caribbean Stud Poker can be played in real money mode only.

Tequila Poker in Casino Tropez

The distinctive feature of this poker variant presented in Casino Tropez is that player may make two variants of bet – to bet on Poker combination or on total points sum on the hand. Tequila Poker is quite original poker variant, one of the new created poker versions.

Tequila Poker in online casino Tropez

Tequila poker is played with standard deck of 52 cards. As usual you should start game with initial bet. After that each participant gets four cards. Having analyzed your cards you have three variant of solving situation in dependency of your cards:

  • You may continue game and make bet on the points sum on your hand («High Tequila»);
  • To continue game and bet on the poker combination on the hand («Tequila Poker»);
  • To fold your cards.

In case if you decide to fold cards than bet that you have made moves to the casino income (or to the bank). There are special boxes for bets «High Tequila» и «Tequila Poker» where you should place your bets. If you decide to continue game and make one kind of bets – dealer draws you two more cards. If you made «High Tequila» bet cards will be counted as: Ace – 11 points, cards with faces – 10 points and all other cards – according to their value.

Casino Holdem poker in Winner Casino

Winner Casino has several kinds of poker, among which there is the classical variant – Casino Holdem Poker. Casino Holdem is one of the poker games with 5 cards dealing. Let’s view the game features and payments of Casino Holdem in Winner Casino.

Poker Pai Gow in online casino europa

There are available two types of bets in poker: one main bet – Ante and the additional bet (AA), which is made on whether the first dealing will bring to the casino player a pair of Aces or better. The poker combination is checked on five dealt cards: two player’s cards and three flop cards. And the payoff amount for the additional bet AA are generous and a half.

Royal Flush – 100 to 1
Straight Flush – 50 to 1
Four kinds – 40 to 1
Full House – 30 to 1
Flush– 20 to 1
Straight and lower (up to a pair of Aces) – 7 to 1.

Let us suppose that you bet on AA the definite amount of money and you get the winning combination. In order to take the winning you need to continue playing. To get the prize for a bet, you need to press Call that is to proceed playing with the casino dealer. In order to qualify the dealer has to have at least a pair of 4s. If not your bet on the Call sector returns to the player and the Ante bet is paid according to the paytable in Casino Holdem poker.

Ante Bet

Royal Flush

100 to1

Straight Flush

20 to 1

Four kinds

10 to 1

Full House

3 to 1


2 to 1

Straight and lower

1 to 1

We want to make the special mention of nice graphics, sounding and the clear menu as well. If you have a question concerning poker rules, in the Menu sector in the right low corner, choose the subsector “Help”. Also you can try to play poker for free in the instant play version, choosing “Play for Fun” in Winner Casino.

Pai Gow Poker in casino Europe

Pai Gow Poker presented in Casino Europa is probably a modern variant of ancient Chinese game – dominoes pai gow. When this game had been "crossbred" with poker, casino visitors got an opportunity to play the new poker variant. The online casino visitor may study Pai Gow Poker rules easily and fast.

This poker variant is played with a standard deck plus one joker card. The aim of the game is to collect two combinations of seven cards (the first combination of five cards and the second combination of two cards), that, naturally, is higher than casino dealers combinations. First the player makes a bet in the playing field. After this the croupier deals seven cards to the player and to himself. The player should split his cards in such a way to form two combinations. Ace in Pay Gow Poker may be both the highest and the lowest card as well. Joker in this poker type cannot replace any card, but only Ace or the fifth card in Flush or Straight.

Poker Pai Gow in online casino Europa

The hand with five cards is valued according the standard poker combinations seniority. The combination of five cards always should remain higher than the combination of two cards. For the joker in the deck that may replace Ace, players have an opportunity to get five Aces and this combination will be higher than Royal Flush.

The player may have either a pair or independent cards in his two-card hand. Thus the highest combination in this hand is a pair of Aces. In this hand Joker may play a role of Ace only. Like in usual poker game the low hand is designated as "Low", and the high hand as "High"in Pai Gow Poker.

Casino Europa offers players to choose cards for his low-hand on their own or trust the computer to select the cards for them. In order to do this you should press the "Choose" button.

When the player has split his cards into two hands, opponents expose their cards in order to define the winner. The player wins only in the case when his both hands are higher than the casino dealer's combinations. The dealer may win when his two combinations are higher than the player's combinations, or when combinations of dealer and player coincide. It is a draw, when one of the dealer's combinations is higher than the player's one and the other combination is lower than the players' one.

Pai Gow Poker is a great combination of ancient Chinse dominoes game Pai Gow. This game attracts many fans of poker as this poker variant is very interesting and simple.

Russian poker in Russian Casino

Russian poker in Russian Casino is probably the most dainty poker variant that offers wide options to the player. The game starts with betting on the sector Ante. In order to make a bet in Russian poker first of all you should choose the token of needed value. You may choose the token with the help of the mouse, the mouse's cursor clues the token with the minimal certain nominal. In order to cancel all made bets you should press the button "Cancel". If you would like to repeat bets that you have made in the previous session you should use Re-bet button. In order to start the game when all bets are made you should press Deal.

After that the dealer draws five cards to the player and five cards to himself, the last one card of the dealer is face up. In this poker variant you have an opportunity to play on three boxes simultaneously. But while playing so the third box is always played closely that means that the initial Ante bet and the basic bet (equals two antes) are obligatory for the player. On the playing table the minimal and the maximal payouts are fixed.

Russian poker in online casino Russian Casino

Having got the card the Russian poker player may analyze their value (if the player has decided to play on few boxes he may analyze his hands one by one). If the drawn hand suits to the player he may continue with the confirmation of his decision by a bet. If the player thinks that he hasn't got the profitable hand he has few variants of the situation development. First of all he may pass and fold the cards. In this case you lose your initial Ante bet.

Players of Russian poker also can purchase the sixth card or change any quantity of cards (from 1 to 5). The payment for purchasing or swapping equals one ante. If purchasing or swapping was rotten, the player may fold cards, in this case he loses his ante.

The main feature of Russian poker in Russian Casino, which differs it from other variants, is in the opportunity to collect two poker combinations in one hand. These two combinations may have common cards but at least one card shouldn't be common for these two combinations. If while playing Russian poker the dealer has no game (it means that he doesn't have any combinations), and you have quite a high hand that theoretically may give you the great winning. In order to avoid such the situation the online casino gives you an opportunity to purchase the game for croupier. The payment for purchasing game for dealer equals one ante. Russian poker is played with 52 cards deck from deuce to ace, which is thoroughly shuffled before the dealing.

As you can see Russian poker is quite interesting poker variant, which is worth the close attention of pokers' funs.

Tequila poker in William Hill Casino

Tequila poker is a game that successfully combines elements of poker and Blackjack. The player has an opportunity to make a bet on both: the poker combination or on the quantity of points on the hand. Tequila Poker, presented in William Hill Casino is an interesting and quite a new game variant.

Tequila poker in online casino William Hill

Rules of Tequila poker

This poker variant is played with the standard deck of 52 cards. The croupier draws 4 cards to the player and after that he should make the decision – to continue collecting of poker combination or to try to win collecting the certain quantity of points. After that the dealer gives you two more cards. Five out of six cards form the final hand in Tequila poker.

The basic game in Tequila poker

In order to start playing Tequila Poker in William Hill Casino you should make a bet and then press the "Deal" button. After the croupier makes the first dealing you may observe the quantity of points on this hand on the left side. You should decide whether to play High Tequila, Tequila Poker or Fold. Having chosen Fold you lose your initial bet. It moves to the casino's bank. If you have decided to play you should make a basic bet, and you will get 2 more cards. You should pay your attention to the fact that while you are playing High Tequila, the casino wouldn't take into account the lowest card on your hand, and the total quantity of points would be formed out of the five cards of the highest range.

The nominal of cards in Tequila is the same as in Blackjack: all numbers are equal to their nominal while each face card is 10 points. Ace in any situation is 11 points. In order to get the winning you should collect the sum of points which is more than 46.

Tequila poker

Having chosen the Tequila poker game you start playing the usual poker and trying to form a five-card poker combination. The sixth card doesn't participate. The minimal combination is a Pair of Aces. Payouts for winning combinations are described in the payout table.

In order to carry out the game session of Tequila poker in William Hill Casino successfully the player should remember few basic tips:

  • 1) You should play tequila poker only when you have got the pair or 4 cards that may form flush or straight in the first drawing.
  • 2) You should play Tequila high when the sum of points on the first 4 cards is not less than 28 points.
  • 3) If during the first dealing you have got neither first nor second situations mentioned below – the optimal way in Tequila poker is to Fold.

Six-card poker in Russian Casino

Poker is the most famous game in the world. Casinos and poker rooms offers the great opportunity to develop and your poker skills and to get real profit.

There are few variants of Six-card poker– in some variants you may play on the one box while in others you may play on few boxes. In Russian Casino you may find Six card poker on both - one box or few boxes as well – it's up to you.

Six card poker in online casino Russian Casino

The game is played with standard deck of 52 cards. The aim of game is to collect one of poker combination according the winning table, besides, your hand should be higher than dealer's one.

In order to start the game you should decide whether you would like play on one box or on few boxes. After that you should make bet on Ante (in case when you play on few boxes you should bet on two or three Ante). After that dealer draws five cards for each box. All cards are drawn face down and only the last dealer's card is drawn face up.

Having analyzed the hand player decides what he want to do – to pass, to play with cards that he has (in this case you should make basic bet, basic bet should be two times higher then ante) or buy one more card by the cost of one ante.

After the buying you should make a decision – the pass or to continue game. In case when player has good combination and dealer has no game player's winning would be equal to the ante sum. But player may improve this situation by buying game for dealer. Such purchase costs jne ante sum. If you play on few boxes the first one always plays in blind and you don't have opportunity to buy additional card on the first box.

In Russian Casino you may start playing Six-card poker right now and it is not necessary to play for money at once. On the demo portal of Russian Casino all casino games are available for free and without registration, thus you may learn rules of Six-card poker on practice.