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Poker Rules in the Casino

As in most games the aim of poker is to win. No matter whether you play for pleasure or for money, poker will help you to improve your revise your playing skills and strategic abilities.

In the modern gambling world there are lots of poker versions but all of them are based on the same principle: all players get cards, some of them or all cards (dependently on the game variant) are drawn face down. After that the first circle of haggling comes, during which opponents may rise or call bets or even pass if they consider it profitable. After the first circle of haggling the opponent who has the most profitable hand wins and takes the bank. A viewer may think that it is easy to win in poker, but dare to assure you that it is only outward opinion and you may think so due to skilled and confident players.

For the successful poker session they practice a lot: read articles, advice of professional players, used additional tables and mathematics calculations, use many theories in practice and so on. First of all you should have good understanding of poker rules.

Texas Hold’em is the most popular poker version. Opponents are given two cards face down then dealer draws five widow cards. You may collect combination using one or two your pocket cards and widow cards as well, or even use only widow cards. During the process of the game as usual haggling is held from opponent to opponent clockwise round the table.

Blinds (Bet in blind)

Before starting playing two players from the left side make blind bets, such bets are called –blind because players make bet without cards analyzing. Such bets are necessary for bank forming. Player from the left makes low bet - low blind, and the player from the right makes high bet – high blind.


The dealer draws each player two cards face down, after that the first participant from the left side of high blind starts haggling. Next player may call bet, raise it or fold his cards and lost his bet. When move goes to the player, who made high blind he may pass his move or remain in game without adding any sum to the bank. In case if one of opponents raised the bet he has three variants of this situation developing: fold, call or raise the bet again.


Flop is certain action in which croupier draws three widow cards. Players analyze their cards and widow cards and collect combinations, after that the second circle of haggling comes.


The croupier deals the forth widow card and the third circle of haggling comes.


The croupier deals the last – the fifth widow card and the last haggling circle comes.

Cards exposure (Check)

If more than one player left till this round on the playing table, opponents expose their cards. The croupier checks the highest hand. The owner of the highest combination wins the bank.