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Blackjack Strategy

When a casino visitor start playing blackjack in the casino he needs to understand that the result of the game depends mostly not on the luck but also on the used strategy. The player of Internet casino should know well that the choice made in the game process influences signiicantly in its result. Only in this case he will be able to use different blackjack strategies successfully. Among them there is a single, mathematically true strategy that reduces house percentage up to 0.5%.

There is a list of rules that help increasing the winning probability. While playing agaist a casino, a person often tries to avoid a bust. Most players in online blackjack believe that having taken the new card they will receive 10 points (as ten points come accross more often) and that's why when they have 12 points in the hand they don't buy cards. We want to assure everyone that such behaviour is uncorrect and on the average it increases player's chances to lose up to 4%.

Also it is uncorrect to act by the croupier's principle. In most kinds of blackjack online casino delaer buys cards up to 17 points and stops. Acting as this, the player in blackjack loses an opportunity to gain the victory.

We want to call your attention to the scheme of the basic strategy of online blackjack.

Blackjack online - strategy

Table signs

  • S - Stand - pass, let the dealer play.
  • H/P - Split (split the cards), if it possible you may double after splitting, otherwise - to take a card.
  • H - Hit - to take one more card.
  • D - Double (double a bet), if you can't double, need to take an additional card.
  • Ds - Double (double a bet), if you can't double, pass
  • P - Split - split cards
  • A - Ace - ace, 1 or 11 points
  • H/R - Surrender, if there is a possibility, if there is no - take a card.

Professionals' advice

Professional players of blackjack are sure that blackjack is able to conquer any gambler. There are no reasons to distrust them, as blackjack is one of the most popular games in the casino. It combines cold calculations and the changeable fortune. In blackjack your luck is in your hands, but in order to have successful game you should remember few simple pieces of advice that professional players give you.

  • The first advice is to remember the basic strategy
  • First of all you should study and remember all game aspects in order to orient during the game process easily. And, of course, the game will be more fortunate if the player uses the strategy that has been proved by time and a million of people. Indeed the basic strategy is simple and quite clear, and it is a good start for a blackjack newbie.

  • The second advice is to run your finances wisely
  • The most reliable way not to lose money is to learn how to use them, as your ability say "enough" is the great achievement.

  • The third advice is to improve your skills in free demo modes.
  • Nowadays Internet amazes by its affluence of resources due to which you may easily become an advanced blackjack player. The free demo version is a great "training simulator". In the demo version you may experiment and get skills automating them and even develop your own strategy.