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Other games Strategy

Other Games are the games of luck. The outcome of such games is impossible to predict. Players trust their intuition and believe the Lady Fortune is on their side.

Although you can't even think about the strategy in arcade or scratch games there are some tips on how to play sic bo. They can increase your chances to win in Sic Bo.

Read the sic bo rules carefully as there may be peculiarities you should know about. Make bets with pay coefficients 1:1 to 5:1. Such bets are the bets with minimum risk for the players. Although the pay coefficients are not high the house edge with these bets are really small comparing to other high coefficient bets. Minimal risk bets are Small/Big, single or double number bets. Small/Big bet is the optimal bet as the house edge decreases to 2,78%.

Sic Bo is really interesting and fascinating game that's why you can forget about limitations playing this game. Make your limit in the game – sum of money you are ready to spend during one game session. As soon as the sum is spent leave the game.

The other sic bo strategy is the opposite to the one described above. Make bets with the highest pay offs. The highest pay offs are for the specific triple bets. The house edge may equal 30%. Such high house edge is compensated with really high pay coefficients 150:1 to 180:1.

Craps tips

The best bet in craps game is Pass Line on come-out roll. The house edge on this bet is 1,41%. If you fell frustrated because of the terms use Other Games Glossary. The most popular craps strategy includes four steps for the player:

  1. Make Pass Line bet. Roll the dice.
  2. Backup your bet with one or two Odds bets. Make Come Line bet. Roll the dice.
  3. Backup your Come Line bet with one or two Odds bets. Make another Come line bet. Roll the dice.
  4. When one of your Come Line bets wins, replace it with another Come bet.

You should always have three bets on the table unless your Come bet has been won or you have rolled seven.