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Videopoker history in casino

Considering the history and origin of the popular nowadays casino games, you may notice that almost all of them appeared about 150 years ago. Videopoker was invented less than 40 years ago, but this fact does not make its history less interesting.

How in such a short space of time has videopoker gained the popularity among the players of XXI century? In order to answer this question we need to pay attention to another online casino game as a slot machine. Tracking the history of slots, it clicks into place that first slots were in face machines for playing videopoker. On the reels of the slots, which were developed in 1891 by Sittman and Pitt, there were 50 card symbols. Jacks and Tens of spades were taken away from the reels because it was very difficult to get such poker combination as Straight.

In 1970the first machine for playing videopoker was presented by the company Dale Electronics. This machine looked like a refrigerator, equipped a TV screen.

Essentially, such machines for playing videopoker appeared in Las Vegas casinos and initially were not very popular. In 1975 videopoker history intersected with the slots history, when Walt Fraley invented the new videopoker machines. Fraley 's machines had passed a lot of tests, gaining the popularity among casino fans who did not like that they could not see the reels spinning. The updated machines were impeachable for them.

In 1979 the company named SIRCOMA (nowadays known as IGT) created the machine for playing videopoker that was called as a draw poker. Such machine ran a good luck and became a prototype of the slot for videopoker that is well-known nowadays.

In 80th both slots and videopoker popularity rose. The fact, that people, who earlier were irresolute playing table games in casino and losing to real opponents, felt comfortable playing with mechanical opponents, carried videopoker forward.

Meanwhile poker machines technology continued developing and improving and the game became more interesting. In 1989 according to statistics videopoker was third popular among casino games, leaving even classical poker behind.

The next stage in increasing its success videopoker occupied when Internet appeared. As videopoker has already been an electronic entertainment its transformation into online game became quite logical.

Recently the industry of online gambling prospers and real casinos have almost been replaced by it. Nowadays videopoker is one of ten most wanted casino games and it indicated that the popularity of videopoker in the casino does not depend on the long history of it. Videopoker history is short but dynamic too.