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Videopoker Rules

Videopoker online is a game attracting many visitors of Internet casino and its popularity only grows. Game rules are quite simple - it is necessary to collect the winning combination out of 5 cards. Payouts as in online slots change according to the amount of the bet.

The machine for playing videopoker in online casino usually looks like a slot. At the top of the machine the pay table with all winning combinations is placed. In the central part of it there is a screen where the player's hands are displayed. Each starting hand of videopoker consists of 5 cards. As in the usual draw poker you should decide what to hold and what to draw in order to get the better hand.

Having made a bet, the player presses "Deal" button and gets five open cards. Pressing "Hold" button the player may hold those, he does not want to change. After that the casino visitor press "Deal" again and the slot changes non-fixed ones. If the winning combination stated in the upper part of the videopoker machine falls, the money prize is deposited into the player's account.

There are several variants of videopoker. Three most popular kinds of videopoker are Jack or Better, Joker Poker and Deuces Wild.

Videopoker Jacks or Better

This is obviously the most wide-spread kind of poker. The very name "Jacks or Better" tells that the player wins if there is a Pair of Jacks or better in his hand. "Jacks or better" is an excellent version of the game for the new-comers, because the probability to win is quite big and it allows the player to work out his own strategy.

Videopoker Joker

In the videopoker Joker Poker the deck of 53 cards (standard deck + Joker) is used. Joker substitutes any missing card in a combination. The game with Joker increases player's chances significantly, that's why the payouts are deposited when you have a hand with Kings or Better.

Videopoker Deuces Wild

The videopoker Deuces Wild is played with a standard deck, where the Deuce can substitute any missing card in the combination. This increases the chance to win, as well as substitute the lowest card. Because of such profitable rules for the player, the payout is deposited when you have in your hand not less than Three of a Kind.

The number of lines in videopoker may be different - from 1 up to 1000 lines. There are such videopoker machines with the part of the bets going to form Progressive Jackpot.

Payout Tables in the definite kind of videopoker may vary. For example, in one videopoker online for Four of a Kind is played 50:1, in another one - only 30:1, in such a way the payout percentage is changed. In videopoker may be more than a dozen of different payout tables, correspondingly mathematical expectation may differs from −5 % to +0,1 %. The player of the online casino should pay the attention to the fact that in the most of videopokers while playing with 5 coins for the higher hand (Royal Flush) payouts are usually much bigger than while playing 1-4 coins. So we recommend to the casino player to play with 5 coins that increase the mathematical expectation at 1-2%.